What I Know for Truth-“A New Semester”

 Being Prepared for Fall 2014

 What I know for Truth-A New Semester
Oprah Winfrey has a page in her Own Magazine title “What I Know for Sure”.  Well here I will share, “What I Know for Truth”.

In preparation for a new semester there are certain Truths one must be prepared for especially if you are a new student..

New Semester Truths:
1.School is your JOB, it requires for you to show-up and be present in body and mind in order to absorb and retain the information exposed to.
2.There will be assignments and due dates for assignments
3.There will be challenges in and outside of the classroom (work and home)
4.There will be Exams, difficult Tests, papers to write, and Pop Quizzes
5. If you DO NOT Study, or prepare you will not be successful

And this is what I know for Truth…….


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