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Today’s tip is brought to you by Kavita Bhambri of Outreach and Recruitment. Thank you for this contribution to the CTLE, Kavita!

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Toolin’ Around Tip: Extract data from WebEx attendance reports to reflect upon participant engagement.

Benefits? As instructors, we strive to encourage attendance at and engagement during our WebEx class meetings. Reports show us the who, how, and and for how long. These data points can help us ponder:

  • Are the same students attending every week? Are there struggling students in the class whom I can contact to encourage participation? Do some students view the recordings of meetings instead? How can I find out that information?
  • Do participants exit early? Is it possible to incorporate more active learning content (EX: polling, quizzes, presentations, class conversations, breakout group work)? Should I distribute a survey to find out?
  • Which users leave, return, leave, and return during a single session? Which connection methods are they using? Do they need tech support? NOTE: You can view “Browser” data, as well as similar attendance report data, from the Bb MEETS plugin attendance reports (as shown in the image below) vs. the platform. Kavita’s tutorials are from the website-based platform.

Learn How Now!

.pdf tutorial

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