Drawing I Gets Collaborative

CPCC drawing students

Alexandra Gianell’s Drawing I class collaborates on an experimental drawing

Drawing I is having FUN. Sometimes you just have close your eyes (or put a blindfold on) and EXPLORE. That’s exactly what adjunct Drawing instructor Alexandra Giannell’s Drawing I class is doing.

How does a mark-making feel?

How close am I to an edge? 


What happens if I draw with my whole body instead of just my hand?

How does collaborating change the art-making process for me? Can I trust?


Giannell states:

Day 1 included collaborative blind mark-making, exploring our fullest range of marks on two large pieces of paper (aprx. 3x 6 ft. each). Day 2 consisted of re-entering these abstract pieces in two groups, responding to a still-life, attempting to reign the drawing, navigating and articulating the fields of marks. These exercises were about 1.5 – 2 hours long in nature, requiring full engagement from the students. I was really impressed with their creativity in the mark-making as well as how they communicated while attempting the still-life.

Alexandra-drawing4 Alexandra-drawing5 Alexandra-drawing6 Alexandra-drawing7 Alexandra-drawing9 Alexandra-drawing10

Great work, Drawing I !!

See instructor Alexandra Giannell‘s work.