Meet the Cast of CP Summer Theatre’s Fiddler on the Roof

CPCC Summer Theatre kicks off the 2017 season with an amazing cast as they bring Fiddler on the Roof to the Halton Stage for the first time. That’s right! Tevye and his family will make their debut on the Dale F. Halton Theater as part of the 44th season of Central Piedmont Summer Theatre. Season tickets are now on sale at the SunTrust box office 704-330-6534 or online at CPCCTix

Tevye’s Family

Tevye, the Dairyman…Beau Stroupe

Golde, his wife…Susan Gundersheim

Tzeitel, his daughters …Susannah Upchurch

Hodel, his daughters …Morgan Wakefield

Chava,  his daughters…Sophie Lamm

Shprintze, his daughters…Jeannie Ware

Bielke , his daughters…Annabel Lamm

The Papas

Lazar Wolf, the Butcher…Rob Addison

Mordcha, the Innkeeper…Josh Logsdon

Rabbi…Rick Taylor

Avram, the Bookseller…J. Michael Beech

Yussel, the Hatmaker…Eric Johnston

Nachum, the Beggar…John DiMicco

The Mamas

Saindel, Motel’s Mother…Megan Postel

Mirala..Amber Dawn French

Sima..Iris DeWitt

Rivka.. Kelly Trnian

Surcha…Trish Folsom

Fredel…Ginny Tracy

The Sons

Motel, the Tailor…Matt Schulman

Perchik, the Student…Johnny Hohenstein

Mendle, the Rabbi’s Son…Patrick Stepp

Yitzuk…Bennet Harris

Label…Tony Richardson

Shloime…Wyatt Johnson

Chaim…Max Becker

The Daughters

Anya…Autumn Craven

Bluma…Anna Francis Alvarez

Bascha…Eleni Demos

Zelda…Bailey Rose

Shayne…Lexie Wolfe

Rayna…Sophie Hardy

Elkie…Emery Cherok

Perle…Hanna Risser

The Villagers

Yente, the Matchmaker…Pat Heiss

The Fiddler…Max Becker

Grandma Tzeitel, Golde’s grandmother…Haley Vogel

Fruma-Sarah, Lazar Wolf’s first wife…Amber Dawn French

The Russians

Constable…Jonathan Bruckner

Fyedka, a young man…Gabe Saienni

Sasha, his friend…Jeffry Keller

Vladek… Henry Gendron

Vladimir…Aaron McKenzie

Boris…Andrew Sickles

Creative Loafing Previews CPCC Theatre’s Ragtime

Follow the link to Charlotte’s Creative Loafing’s preview of CPCC Theatre’s Ragtime opening Friday February 10th in the Dale F. Halton Theater.

Get your tickets at the SunTrust box office 704-330-6534 or online at 24/7.

CPCC Theatre Opens Ragtime February 10th

CPCC Theatre presents Ragtime the Musical February 10th – 19th in the Halton Theatre.

RAGTIME is an epic musical that paints a nostalgic and powerful portrait of life in turn of the century America. Three distinct stories intertwine to poignantly illustrate history’s timeless contradictions of wealth and poverty, freedom and prejudice, hope and despair, and love and hate. With a score that is as diverse as the melting pot of America, RAGTIME – draws upon traditional Jewish folk sounds to color the haunting music of the European immigrants, • borrows from Vaudevillian styles to capture the spectacle of Anglo-American upper-middle-class society, and utilizes Joplin and Jazz to invoke the enlivened spirit and rhythms of African-American, working class Harlem.

Get your tickets at the SunTrust Box Office 704-330-6534 or online 24/7 at


CPCC Summer 2017 Theatre Announces Kids Auditions

CPCC Summer Theatre will hold auditions for performers 13 and under on February 20 & 21 at 7:00pm in the lobby of the Halton Theater. Roles are available in Fiddler on the Roof and James and the Giant Peach TYV.


Fiddler on the Roof

June 2 -10

Directed by Tom Hollis

Music Direction by Drina Keen

Choreography by Ron Chisholm



James and the Giant Peach TYV

June 28 – July 8

Directed by Tom Hollis

Music Direction by Jean Colgan Phillips

Choreography by Ron Chisholm


No appointment is needed.


Roles are available in both shows. Prepare a song. Preferably no more than 16 to 32 bars. Be prepared to dance. An accompanist will be provided. No tapes or CD accompaniment allowed. Bring sheet music in the correct key.


Fiddler on the Roof will start rehearsal on April 17th in the evenings Sunday – Thursday until opening. James and the Giant Peach TYV rehearses daytimes 9:30a to 4:30p Monday – Saturday starting June 12th until opening.


We are looking for actors to appear in either or both shows. You must be available for day time rehearsal to work in James and the Giant Peach TYV. Fiddler on the Roof rehearses on Sunday afternoons and Monday – Thursday evenings.



For more information contact Tom Hollis at the number below or by email at


CPCC Summer Theatre is a non-Equity summer stock company presenting a season of musicals and non-musicals to the Metrolina area. 2017 will mark the 44th anniversary of the company. Visit our website at for more info about the program.


Please forward this email to anyone who might be interested. Follow us on Facebook at





​​​​​Tom Hollis

Artistic Director

CPCC Summer Theatre

P.O. Box 35009

Charlotte NC 28235


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Meet the Cast of CPCC Theatre’s Ragtime

 TBD Little Boy
Patrick Ratchford Father
Lucia Stetson Mother
Andy Faulkenberry Younger Brother
Brian Holloway Grandfather/Ensemble
Tyler Smith Coalhouse
Brittney Currie Sarah
Billy Ensley Tateh
Annabelle Lamm Little Girl
Keith Logan Booker T/ H-Ensemble
Ted Eldred Houdini/I-Ensemble
Meagan Postle Emma/I-Ensemble
J. Michael Beech Ford/NR-Ensemble
Lexie Wolf Evelyn/NR-Ensemble
John DeMicco Morgan/NR-Ensemble
Iris DeWitt Sarah’s Friend/H-Ensemble
Josh Logsdon Willie Conklin/NR-Ensemble
John West White/Whitman/NR-Ensemble
Kelly Trnian Brigit/I or NR-Ensemble
Trish Folsom Kathleen/I or NR-Ensemble
Rick Hammond Thaw/NR-Ensemble
Traven Harrington Henson/H-Ensemble
Taryn Helms Female Ensemble
Carol Weiner Female Ensemble
Amelia Curry Female Ensemble
Kara Price Female Ensemble
Abigail Aukerman Female Ensemble
Emma Moriarty Female Ensemble
Hanna Risser Female Ensemble
Yessinia Whitfield Female Ensemble
Kayla Ferguson Female Ensemble
Omdade Wey Female Ensemble
Marsha Gardener Female Ensemble
Quintavias King Male Ensemble
Paul Brintley Male Ensemble
Tatum Terry Male Ensemble
Patrick Stepp Male Ensemble
Johnny Hohenstein Male Ensemble
Matthew Cristante Male Ensemble
Jonathan DeJesus Male Ensemble
Joel King Male Ensemble
 TBD Coalhouse III


We would like to say thanks to everyone who auditioned for Ragtime. The talent displayed at the audition made casting very difficult. We invite everyone who auditioned to come back soon to audition again.