CPCC Summer Theatre Announces Auditions for Summer 18

CPCC Summer Theatre Auditions 2018:

CPCC Summer Theatre is holding auditions for all 5 shows of Summer Theatre ’18 on February 17th from 9:00am to 3:pm in the Halton Theatre. Auditions are by appointment only. Appointments can be made by phone or email staring February 1st.   We are looking for actors to be in the Resident Acting Company (4 of 5 shows), actors to be in individual shows, and for interns to appear in one or two shows and work backstage.  For Oklahoma actors will need to be available starting April 15th through June 9th in the evenings.  Actors for Grease rehearse May 28 – June 23 during the day. Shrek, TYA and The Mousetrap rehearse June 11 to July 8 in the daytime. Disney’s Newsies will rehearse in the evenings and afternoons from June 25th to July 21st..  All shows except Oklahoma are basically 4 week commitments.

You do not have to be a current CPCC student to audition. All genders and ethnicities are encouraged to audition.

Resident Acting Company actors are paid $375.00 a week. Actors who are in for just one show are paid on a per show basis: Principals – $975.00, Supporting Roles- $675.00 and Cameo/Chorus roles $475.00. Interns are unpaid. All non-intern actors receive college credit for each show in which they participate.

Housing is provided for out-of-town resident acting company members (Actors not living in Mecklenburg or adjacent counties.) This year, we will be partnering with Queens University of Charlotte to provide company housing on the Queens campus which is located about two miles from the CPCC campus. These fully furnished suites each have two bedrooms and a private bathroom.  Shared kitchen facilities are available on each floor. Company members are responsible for furnishing linens, kitchenware, and other personal items. A list of roommates will be provided to all company members to help establish any shareable items each might bring (and to avoid duplication.)

The contract gives the specifics on performance dates, roles and other duties. It contains the standard two week’s notice clause. The Resident Acting Company will be signed to a nine week period of employment that begins May 21st and ends July 21st. Individual show acting contracts are for a 4 week rehearsal/performance period except for Oklahoma which is for eight weeks.

Generally there is a morning and an afternoon rehearsal period. No rehearsal will take place before 9:30am and there will be no rehearsal after an evening performance. The performance schedule will not exceed six shows in a week. Breaks are in accordance with Equity standards. We try to keep the schedule somewhat flexible. On most occasions rehearsals occur in the mornings and afternoons. The first and last show require evening rehearsals. The amount of time needed is determined by the talents of cast/directors and the ease/difficulty of the show, etc. All actors are required to participate in the strike of all shows. As the summer progresses, less time is needed. During the final week, daytimes are relatively free.

We hold two auditions/interviews each year. One is at Halton Theatre in Charlotte on February 17th and the other at SETC in Mobile, AL in early March. We will start to hire locally within a few days of the first audition.  Within a few days after the SETC auditions, we contact via phone those we wish to hire from that audition. Hopefully by mid-March we will have organized most of our actors for the season. We ask you to hold options open for at least until that time. Due to the large numbers of people that we see at these auditions it is impossible for us to contact everyone who auditions.

Most actors in the Resident Acting Company are cast at least two major roles. Actors brought in for an individual show can be cast in leads, supporting or chorus roles.  Roles are stipulated by the contract offered. An actor may be asked to assume a better role if casting changes but is never asked to take a lesser role than stipulated.

This is our 45th season of successful operation. We are located on Central Piedmont Community College’s Central Campus. CPCC is one of the largest community colleges in the state system and located in the state’s largest city. The recipient of countless awards, CPCC Summer Theatre works in the Halton Theater and Pease Auditorium which seats 1000 seats and 482 respectively. Acoustically sharp and fully equipped with a state of the art sound system and computerized lighting system, the Halton stage a proscenium theatre that is 50 feet wide and 40 feet deep while Pease Auditorium is a modified proscenium that is 29 feet deep and 50 feet wide. We use a fully professional orchestra. Our Costume and Scene shops are fully equipped and adjoin the stage. The audience is very loyal; we frequently play for sold out houses. Last year we played to over 26,000 patrons.

Why choose CPCC Summer Theatre?

Quality productions by quality performers

A realistic view of the demands of professional theatre

A variety of roles for the actor

Air-conditioned rehearsal halls and theatre with proper dance floors.

A competitive pay-scale

A fully equipped scene shop and costume shop on premises

Option of receiving college-transfer academic credits

Thanks for considering CPCC Summer Theatre. Visit our website at blogs.cpcc.edu/theatre for more info.

Tom Hollis, Artistic Director – For appointments – 704-330-6835 or tom.hollis@cpcc.edu

CPCC Theatre Auditions for Evita

CPCC Theatre will hold auditions for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Evita on December 4th and 5th at 7:00pm in the Halton rehearsal hall.  All roles are open except for Eva Peron.

We are looking for a cast of approximately 30 men, women and children.

Performances are February 16 to 25, 2018. Rehearsal will not begin until January 2nd.

Age ranges are for characters not necessarily the ages of the actors. All ethnicities are urged to audition.  You do not have to be a current CPCC student to audition. Auditions are open to all.

Cast Breakdown

CHE: (Male, 18-35) This character is dashing, impulsive, jealous, and manipulative. Che is a political activist and the narrator of the show, a radical who isn’t reluctant to ask tough questions and demand answers. An actor/singer that must move very well with a high, rock tenor voice that can sing a low A to high B, falsetto to high F.


PERON: (Male, 30-50) An officer in the Argentinean army who rises to become the Argentine President. He is a man who is dignified, charming, and authoritative. A strong actor and singer who can play character/leading man. Vocal bass/baritone to high F.


MISTRESS: (Female, 13-18) A very beautiful, fragile, vulnerable, innocent young girl who plays Juan Peron’s teenaged Mistress. She is “dismissed” out of Peron’s life by his future wife, Eva. The Mistress ponders the rejection during her song, “Another Suitcase in Another Hall.” She will also appear in the ensemble. Must be able to move well and sing a low A to a high E.


MAGALDI: (Male, to play 30 – 40) A tango singer with whom Eva has her first love affair. A charming loser – never quite made it. Has the first number in the show, “On This Night of a Thousand Stars” and sets up the world in which Eva exists and establishes a Latin flavor to the piece, which is essential. He will also appear in the ensemble. A Latin American “personality” type and feel that needs to be bigger than life, but real at the same time. Sings high tenor High G.


ENSEMBLE: Seeking a broad range of males and females of all ethnicities from late teens to 60+. Excellent singing voices in all ranges. All must understand the Latin temperament even if they don’t fit into the “look.” All shapes and sizes to play everything from Generals to Peasants. A fully featured, versatile ensemble that helps define this world. Movement ability a plus.


CHILDREN’S ENSEMBLE: Looking for 3 boys and 3 girls ages 7-14. Must sing and be able to hold harmonies, act and move moderately well. These young actors will be featured as well as appearing in the adult ensemble at times.

Each auditionee should have a prepared song of at least 16 bars and have sheet music in appropriate key. Be dressed to move. A short dance audition will be held following the singing audition. An accompanist will be provided.

Rehearsal will begin on January 2nd. There will be a brief meeting on December 7th at 7:00pm to get the cast organized and workout schedule conflicts.

Callbacks if necessary will be held on Wednesday December 6th at 7:00pm.

If you have any questions contact Tom Hollis at 704-330-6835 or by email at tom.hollis@cpcc.edu

CPCC Theatre Auditions for I Love a Paino


CPCC Theatre will hold auditions on December 7th  and 8th at 7:00pm in the Rehearsal Hall Overcash 300 on the college’s Central Campus. We are looking for 3 men and 3 women.

I Love a Piano is the celebration of the music and lyrics of one of America’s most prolific songwriters Irving Berlin. Containing over sixty of Irving Berlin’s most beloved songs, the show includes such classics as “Blue Skies”, “There’s No Business Like Show Business”, “Puttin’ on the Ritz”, “White Christmas”, “God Bless American” and of course “I Love a Piano”. Alternating heartbreaking and hilarious, rousing and reflective, I Love a Piano is a fitting tribute to the man Jerome Kern said had “no place in American music- he is American music”.

There are roles for 3 men and 3 women.  All ages are encouraged to audition. 2 characters must tap.

Each auditionee should have a prepared song of at least 16 bars and sheet music in appropriate key. Be dressed to move. An accompanist will be provided. Rehearsal will begin on January 4th. There will be a brief meeting on Thursday December 10th at 7:00pm to get the cast organized and workout schedule conflicts. Performances are February 12,13,19,20 at 8pm,February 14 & 21 at 2:30pm and February 18 at 7:30pm.

Director/Choreographer – Ron Chisholm

Music Director- Ellen Robison

For more info contact Tom Hollis tom.hollis@cpcc.edu