The Mousetrap Character Breakdown


The Mousetrap Breakdown

Mollie Ralston – Proprietor of Monkswell Manor, and wife of Giles. Pretty, Intelligent, feels a bit out of her league but is determined to see her new hotel venture thrive. 30- 40 British Accent required.


Giles Ralston – Husband of Mollie who runs Monkswell Manor with his wife. Does a lot of the “Handy-Man” work around the Manor; Can be cranky at times and grows jealous about Mollie. 30-40’s British Accent required.


Christopher Wren – The first guest to arrive at the hotel, Wren is a hyperactive young man who acts in a very peculiar manner. He admits he is running away from something, but refuses to say what. Wren claims to have been named after the architect of the same name by his parents. 20-30 British Accent Required.


Mrs Boyle – A critical older woman who is pleased by nothing she observes; Cold and almost biting in her treatment of those around her; Is not pleased with the conditions at Monkswell Manor and lets it be known. Age flexible 40-60’s. British Accent Required.


Major Metcalf – Retired from the army, little is known about Major Metcalf. Military bearing, but a man of mystery. Age flexible 40-60’s. British Accent Required.


Miss Casewell – A strange, aloof, masculine woman who speaks offhandedly about the horrific experiences of her childhood. Age range 20-30’s. British Accent Required.


Mr Paravicini – A man of “unknown provenance”, who turns up claiming his car has overturned in a snowdrift. He appears to be affecting a foreign accent and artificially aged with make-up. Age flexible 40-60’s. Actor should attempt Italian, or Spanish sounding accents.


Detective Sergeant Trotter – A policeman who arrives in a snow storm saying he has come to protect the guests from the murderer. Mid 20’s-30’s. British Accent Required

All ethnicities are encouraged to audition. Age ranges are approximate to characters but may not reflect actual age of the actor.