Fiddler on the Roof Character Breakdown

Fiddler on the Roof Cast Breakdown


TEVYE – Strong patriarch. Humorous and stubborn. (Strong Lead, Baritone, Age Range 45-65)

GOLDE – Tevye’s wife. Strong, humorous and concerned about her family. (Strong Lead, Mezzo, Age Range 40-55)

YENTE – The matchmaker and village busybody. (Strong Comedic Actress, Alto, Age Range 40-75)

LAZAR WOLF – The town’s butcher and wealthiest citizen. Wants to marry Tzeitel. (Baritone, Age Range 45-65)

TZEITEL – The eldest daughter and the first to marry. (Mezzo, Age Range 18-25)

HODEL – The second eldest daughter, intrigued with a radical young male student. (Mezzo, Age Range 15-23)

MOTEL – A meek and poor tailor who seeks the hand of Tzeitel. (Tenor, Age Range 18-27)

PERCHIK – The radical, young student that challenges traditions and falls for Hodel. (Tenor, Age Range 18-30)

CHAVA – The third eldest daughter that runs off with a Russian soldier. Requires dance ability. (Mezzo, Age Range 14-18)

FYEDKA – The Russian soldier that falls in love with Chava. Requires dance ability. (Age Range 18-25)

SHPRINTZE AND BIELKE – The two youngest daughters (Age Range 10-14)

THE CONSTABLE – The Russian military official stationed near Anatevka. (Age Range 30-45) Non-Singing

THE RABBI – Anatevka’s Jewish spiritual leader. (Age Range 45-75)

MENDEL – The Rabbi’s son. (Age Range 15-25)

MORDCHA – Runs the bar in town, a friend of Tevye. (Age Range 30-60)

AVRAM – Runs the bookshop in town. (Baritone, Age Range 30-60)

GRANDMA TZEITEL – Appears as a ghost in the dream sequence. Doubles as ensemble member. (Mezzo, Age Range 50+)

FRUMA-SARAH – Lazar Wolf’s departed wife. Appears in the dream sequence. Doubles as ensemble member. (Mezzo, Age Range 30-45)

NACHUM – The town beggar. (Male, Age Range 40-65)

YUSSEL – The town Hatter. (Male, Age Range 25-60)

SHANDEL – Model’s mother. (Age Range 40-65)

SASHA AND BORIS – Fyedka’s Russian friends and fellow soldiers. (Age Range 16-25)

PRIEST – (Age Range 30+)



All ethnicities are encouraged to audition. Age ranges are approximate to characters but may not reflect actual age of the actor.