Comedy of Tenors Character Breakdown


Comedy of Tenors Breakdown

  • Saunders – mid to late 50’s. The Cleveland Grand Opera’s general manager. A blowhard who often loses his temper at the slightest mishap.
  • Max*- Mid 30s. Assistant to Saunders. Married to Saunders daughter and friend to Tito who has made him in to an opera singer
  • Maria Merelli– 40’s-50’sTito’s long-suffering wife, with an “Italian temper”. Loves Tito, despite his philandering.
  • Tito Merelli *- 40′- 50’sFamous Italian opera singer. Strong Italian accent. Notorious lady’s man
  • Mimi– 20’s. Daughter to Tito and Maria. In love with Carlo. Wants to be an actress.
  • Carlo* 20’s – lover to Mimi and a tenor scheduled to sing with Tito
  • Racon– beautiful Russian love of Tito’s.*Must be able to sing tenor in operatic style

* Must be able to sing Operatic tenor