A Chorus Line Cast Breakdown

A Chorus Line Character Breakdown


Zach: Perfectionist who is desperate for a Broadway smash. Powerful presence, but deeply scared of failing. Should be able to dance, but he is losing his sharpness. Tough exterior with moments of softness. High stakes. (Baritone)

Larry: Zach’s assistant. No-nonsense & authoritative. Able to execute dance steps to perfection. In dancer shape.(Bari-tenor)

Alan Deluca: Very masculine. Tough attitude. Has a strong guard, but deeply in love with his wife, Kristine.(Baritone)

Bebe Benzenheimer: New to the Broadway audition scene. Attractive, but not pretty. Strong sense of self. (Alto)

Bobby Mills III: Flamboyant, funny, clever with just a dash of attitude. Uses humor to mask pain. Extremely confident dancer. (Baritone)

Cassie Ferguson: A Star! Complete triple threat. Gorgeous. (A True Soprano with a very strong Belt)

Connie Wong: Humorous & nutty, but a true survivor. Strong. (Alto)

Diana Morales: Hispanic. Tough, street-wise sensibility. A true optimistic & speaks from the heart. Incredible storyteller. Quick wit. Complete professional. (Alto with a strong Belt)

Don Kerr: Tall. Masculine. A ladies man, a player, but he is married. He’s jazzy & cool, but a little egotistical.(Baritone)

Gregory Gardener: Jewish. Slight jaded quality. Not overly flamboyant. A director/choreographer in his own right.(Baritone)

Judy Turner: Tall. Scatterbrained, but warm & hopeful. (Mezzo)

Kristine Urich: Extremely nervous & painfully shy. Her nerves should be charming, not annoying. Very sexy & loves being married to Al. He is her rock. (Mezzo)

Maggie Winslow: A real dreamer, the sweetheart of the group. Naive & soft spoken. (Soprano with extremely high belt)

Mark Anthony: Newly fresh to the audition scene. Optimistic, extremely hopeful & very eager to please. Well-built & attractive. (Tenor)

Mike Costa: A true song & dance man. Tap skills a plus. Slightly cocky. Masculine. Total professional package.(Tenor)

Paul San Marco: Confident. Does not take pity on himself. A strong sense of character. Possesses a charm & light that is very attractive & soothing. (Baritone)

Richie Walters: Proud & extremely likable. High energy. Solid professional. (Tenor with a high falsetto)

Sheila Bryant: Tall & very womanly. Brassy, sophisticated, but must be able to reveal a vulnerable side. Has an attitude, but not in the contemporary sense. She is very strong & knows how to play the situation. (Alto)

Valerie Clark: Sassy, funny, foul-mouthed, but not jaded. She beat the system & figured out what she needed to do to fix it. Unafraid. (Mezzo with a Strong Belt)

Cut Dancers/Pit Singers :( 4 males and 3 females) These are named parts are referred to in dialogue and some have line here or there. They are subsequently cut from first round of dance. These people need some dance skills and may return for Finale. Will serve as pit singers during show to add vocal backup.