Central Piedmont Summer Theatre Announces Casts for our 47th Season

Music Man
Harold Hill Tommy Foster
Marian Paroo Karley Kornegay
Mrs. Paroo Allison Rhinehardt
Mayor Shinn Hank West
Tommy Djilas Elijah Koch
Eulalie Shinn Pam Wheeler
Wintrhop Paroo Copeland Smith
Zaneeta Shinn Katie Schultz
Amaryllis Maggie Bailey
Marcellus Washburn Johnny Hohenstein
Ethel Toffleimier Logan Cosper
Charile Cowell Tom Ollis
Ewart Dunlop Steve Martin
Oliver Hix James K Flynn
Jacey Squires Steve Young
Olin Britt Andrew Williams
Gracie Shinn Annabelle Lamm
Alma Hix Jerilyn McDonald
Maude Dunlop Tiffany Perry
Constable Locke Larry Wu
Mrs. Squires Patricia Folsom
Ensemble Male Brian Holloway
Ensemble Female Caryn Crye
Ensemble Female Quincey Stanford
Teen Girl Morgan Wakefield
Teen Girl Sophie Lamm
Teen Girl Sophie Hardy
Teen Girl Lela Wu
Teen Girl Elena Doyno
Teen Girl Emma Metzger
Teen Boy Treston Henderson
Teen Boy Griffin Digsby
Teen Boy William McGinnis
Teen Boy Rixey Terry
Teen Boy Andrew Sickles
Teen Boy Tony Richardson
Little Girl Molly Barberry
Little Girl Jillian Zulueta
Little Boy Joey Rising
Little Boy Will Bundon
Rev. Shawn Moore Beau Stroup
Vi Moore Tiffaney Perry
Ren McCormack Rixey Terry
Ariel Moore Karley Kornegay
Lyle Herbert White
Wendy Jo Sophie Lanser
Lulu Warnicker/Irene Vanessa Davis
Travis/Ensemble Male Tony Richardson
Garvin/Ensemble Male Griffin Digsby
Ethel McCormack Lyndsey Schroeder
Urleen Sophie Hardy
Principal Clark/Saloon Keeper Jerilyn McDonald
Rusty Elena Doyno
Cowboy Bob/Bickle/Ensemble William McGinnis
Chuck Cranston Christopher Bernard
Coach Dunbar Tom Ollis
Wes Warnicker/Country Fiddler Ryan Dunn
Eleanor Dunbar/Betty Blast Pam Wheeler
Willard Hewitt Treston Henderson
Cop/Jeter/Ensemble Male Andrew Sickles
Ensemble Female  Olivia Aldridge
Ensemble Female  Parker Stelmack – Dance Captain
Ensemble Male Ryan Kapur
Ensemble Female Abigail Hackenberg
Ensemble Male Elijah Koch
Ensemble Female  Rachel Peterson
Ensemble Female Sophie Lamm
Holmes Tommy Foster
Watson Tom Ollis
Actor 1 Matthew Howie
Actor 2 Peter Finnagan
Actress 1 Lisa Schaker
Something Rotten
Nick Bottom J. Michael Beech
Nigel Bottom Rixie Terry
Shakespeare Treston Henderson
Bea Elena Doyno
Portia Karley Kornegay
Jeremiah Beau Stroup
Shylock Hank West
Nostradamus Kevin Roberge
Lord Clapham/Justice Craig Estep
Minstrel/Ensemble Tony Richardson
Ensemble Male #1 Andrew Sickles
Ensemble Male #2 Dash Pledger
Ensemble Male #3 Elijah Koch
Ensemble Male #4 Griffin Digsby
Ensemble Male #5 Caleb Moody
Ensemble Male #6 Craig Allen
Ensemble Male #7 Herbert White
Ensemble Male #8 Ryan Kapur
Ensemble Male #9 Seth Duncan
Ensemble Female #1 Sophie Hardy
Ensemble Female #2 Lela Wu
Ensemble Female #3 Lauren Morris
Ensemble Female #4 Emma Metzger
Ensemble Female #5 Abiagail Hackenberg
Ensemble Female #6 Sophie Lamm
Peter Pan Jr.
Peter Pan Rixey Terry
Wendy Karley Kornegay
John Donovan Abeshaus
Liza/Cecco Caitlin O’Hagan
Michael Will Bundon
Nana/Crocodile Julio Hernandez
Mr Darling/Hook Treston Henderson
Mrs Darling/Tiger Lily Elena Doyno
Slightly Copeland Smith
Curley Kodi Yara
Twin #1 Riley Smith
Twin#2 Aidan Melton
Tootles Luke McCammon
Noodler Aidan McIntosh
Jukes Michael Meres
Starkey Layne Harder
Small Brave Girl Nohla McCloskey
Brave Girl#1 Eva Rose Cole
Brave Girl #2 Riley Schauer
Brave Gitl #3 Tate Clemons
Brave Girl #4 Olivia Aldridge

Congratulations to all who will be appearing in Summer Theatre 2020. Thanks to all who auditioned this season. The talent displayed made our choices difficult. We hope to see all of you at future auditions.

March 2020 State of the Arts

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