CPCC Theatre Auditions for The Crucible

Auditions for The Crucible

September 11 & 12 7:00pm Pease Auditorium

CPCC Theatre will hold auditions for The Crucible on September 11 & 12 at 7:00pm in Pease Auditorium.

CPCC Theatre is proud to bring Arthur Miller’s classic American play The Crucible to the Pease stage. Winner of the 1953 Tony Award for Best Play. This exciting drama about the Puritan purge of witchcraft in old Salem is both a gripping historical play and a timely parable of our contemporary society.  “The devil has returned to Broadway with the power to make the strong tremble. Be afraid, be very afraid.”  The N Y Times

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. No appointment necessary. Performances are October 27 – November 5. Rehearsal will begin on Thursday September 14th. Our normal rehearsal process is Monday through Thursday evenings 7pm to 10pm. You do not have to be a current CPCC Student to audition. All ethnicities are encouraged to audition.

All roles are open. We are seeking 10 women 16 to 60 + and 11 men 18 to 60+.

Cast of Characters:

Ages are listed as approximate. If you are in the general age RANGE or can play a

particular age, please audition. Often the ages of characters are adjusted (within

reason) when we are casting these shows.


John Proctor (Approximately 30-40) Honest farmer forced to defend his wife and

himself against witchcraft charges. While his wife was ill, he succumbed to

temptation and was intimate with Abigail Williams, a beautiful but malevolent 17-

year-old. Although Proctor later rejects Abigail and admits his wrongdoing to his

wife, Abigail continues to pursue him.


Elizabeth Proctor (Approximately late 20’s-30’s) John Proctor’s loyal and upright

wife. She comes to realize that she may have been partly at fault for her husband’s

unfaithfulness because she was not always as warm and loving as she could have



Rev. Samuel Parris (Approximately 40’s) Salem’s current minister. A faction in his

congregation is attempting to replace him. He at first attempts to silence rumors

of witchcraft because his own daughter, Betty, and his niece, Abigail Williams,

were involved in conjuring rites. However, he later vigorously supports the witch

trials when he sees that they will work to his advantage.


Betty Parris (Approximately 10-15) Daughter of the Rev. Parris. At the beginning of

the play, she lies in a stupor supposedly caused by witchcraft.


Abigail Williams (Approximately late teens) Seventeen-year-old orphan whose

parents were killed by Indians. She lives with her uncle, the Rev. Parris, and

his daughter, Betty. In a conjuring rite in the forest, where Abigail and other

girls dance wildly around a cauldron, Abigail drinks rooster blood in attempt to

summon spirits to kill Elizabeth Proctor. Mrs. Proctor had fired Abigail from

her job as a servant at the Proctor farm because Abigail seduced her husband.


Tituba (Approximately 40’s – African-American) Slave of the Rev. Parris. The

minister brought her to Salem from Barbados, where she learned occult practices.

She presides at a conjuring session involving teenage and adolescent girls from



Thomas & Ann Putnam (Approximately 40’s) Wealthy husband and wife who use

the witchcraft frenzy to implicate rivals and enemies.


Rev. John Hale (Approximately 40’s) Expert in detecting spirits. Well educated, he

takes pride in his knowledge of the occult, but he is fair-minded. Although he first

believes townspeople may be practicing witchcraft, he later defends accused

persons, in particular Mr. and Mrs. Proctor.


Rebecca Nurse (Approximately 60’s-70s) Charitable Salem resident whom Ann

Putnam accuses of witchcraft.


Mary Warren (Approximately late teens) Eighteen-year-old servant of the Proctors

who took part in the conjuring rite in the forest. She first agrees to testify against

Abigail and the others. But, under pressure from her peers and the court, she

renounces her testimony and sides with Abigail.


Deputy Governor John Danforth (Approximately 60’s) Presiding judge who conducts

the witchcraft hearings and trials. He admits spectral evidence (testimony of

witnesses who believe they saw townspeople in the presence of the devil) but

refuses to accept a deposition presented by John Proctor. The deposition, signed

by Mary Warren, is intended as evidence that could lead to the exoneration of

Elizabeth Proctor and others.


John Hathorne (Approximately 40’s-60’s) Associate Judge.


Giles Corey (Approximately 70’s-80’s) Innocent citizen accused of witchcraft after

he attempts to defend his wife, Martha, and expose scheming John Putnam. A

courageous 83-year-old who defies the court, he is pressed to death with heavy

stones. Martha Corey is hanged.


Mercy Lewis (Approximately late teens) Teenage servant of the Proctors who took

part in the conjuring rite in the forest.


Susanna Walcott (Approximately late teens) Teenager who took part in the rite

in the forest.


Sarah Good (Approximately 60+) Poor, homeless woman accused of witchcraft.


Francis Nurse: 70 – 85. A wealthy, influential man in Salem. Nurse is well respected by most people in Salem, but is an enemy of Thomas Putnam and his wife.


Ezekiel Cheever: 30 – 60. Clerk of the Court

Hopkins. A guard at Salem Jail.


For questions or information contact Tom Hollis by email tom.hollis@cpcc.edu or call 704-330-6835.