Welcome Our New Team Member

Anita McGill- Student Life Coordinator for the Harper Campus

I would like to invite you all to join me in welcoming our new Student Life Coordinator at Harper Campus, Anita McGill. Anita, a mother of three children, was an employee of Mitchell Community College for four years before moving to CPCC. In her first three years at Mitchell CC, she was an employee of Student Activities and in her last year she served in Disability Services. Earlier this year, Anita taught an ACA class at Levine Campus and she enjoyed every part of it and the experience of being at CPCC was very pleasant.

When asked why she decided to move to Central Piedmont Community College, and Student Life in particular, Anita pointed out that it was because of the great reputation Central Piedmont Community College has and she was very enthusiastic when she saw the Student Life position available.  It was perfect timing!

Ever since she has joined and become a member of the Harper campus this semester, she has enjoyed her work there very much. She believes it is a very good campus with numerous opportunities. Anita has been impressed by the Club Advisers at the Harper Campus who are motivated to try and recruit students in student organizations and get students involved despite the fact that this can sometimes be difficult due to their demanding studies.

Anita is looking forward to many great years at Central Piedmont Community College and we are glad to have her as a part of our CPCC family! We are looking forward to working with her and sharing our wonderful college experience with her!

Thank you,
Ali Hamud

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