Celebrate Black History Month at CPCC

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During Black History Month, we remember the strength and courage of those who have gone before us and made a difference in the world, while living out new stories that can be passed on to future generations. The Office of Student Life is committed to developing programs and events that foster an environment of inclusion and celebrate diversity throughout the College. Join us this month for events honoring the movements, traditions, and legacies of African-Americans.


For more detailed information about each of the following events, please check the Student Life events calendar.

February 10
The Power of Women
Central Campus, Tate Hall, 11 AM
Author and motivational speaker, Patrice Gaines, will be speaking on the topic of what women have contributed to African American history.

February 17
Rejoice!! Live Performance Celebration of Dramatic Literature
Levine Campus, Atrium, 12:30 PM
A series of performances that commemorate the history of African American culture, including readings from “The Delaney Sister’s” and “The Whipping Man.”

February 18 & 19
Our Unsung Heroes
Cato Campus, Cato II Atrium, 10 AM
SGA officers will take on the roles of various African-American unsung historical heroes to share the stories of those who have contributed so much to the history of the African-American community.

February 19
Hip Hop & African American Male Identity
Central Campus, Tate Hall, 11 AM
Quincy Brewington, University of Georgia Doctoral Candidate, will be speaking to the realities of the connection between what is being portrayed in hip hop today and how it affects young African American males.

February 20
Black History Presentation
Merancas Campus, 11:30 AM
A series of performances that commemorate the history of African American culture.

February 26
I Am Somebody
Harper Campus, Auditorium (Room 108), 11:30 AM
This performance examines racism, exploitation and survival in South Africa and the Congo. This performance has the power to build bridges across communities and facilitate dialogue across cultures.