SGA Announces the 2015-2016 Executive Committee

As another academic year is coming to a close at CPCC – with students preparing for final exams and making plans for the summer – there is one group of individuals who are ending their year with a strong sense of accomplishment and an eagerness to return in the fall. The following students are the newly elected SGA Executive Committee officers and they look forward to not only serving their campus community, but making a difference on campus.

President: Alvan Makoundi-Tchibinda

I ran for Student Government President because I believe I have been properly equipped to handle the demands of the position, and I have been able to identify and utilize my own strengths in accordance with service and leadership. I am strong-willed, people-oriented, flexible, open to new ideas, and understanding. Furthermore, I must point out, that the Student Government community has been family to me – my comrades have allowed me to grow in so many ways. SGA has the authority to work closely with and serve other student organizations in their efforts and endeavors; because of my positive experiences, advocating for students is something about which I care greatly. I believe the position of President within Student Government is the ideal vehicle for my passions of service and fellowship.

Vice President: Grace Matabishi

There is one thing above all else that I want to make clear, I work for you. I want to serve you, the students from Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC). As an experienced person who has volunteered and participated in activities such as Fall Fest, MLK Challenge, and Student Leadership Conference, I believe that I will add a plus in the SGA and the college. I have a desire to improve other students in my college as well as in my community. My goal is to represent the student body in a professional and unbiased way. I plan to listen and give the opinions of the students. Also, I would like to get students involved and see better changes for my college. I want to be that friendly face for new students coming in and a defender for students already here. I want to unite the school and ensure everyone has the most fun that they can.

Secretary: Yelena Ganchenko

I have great team working skills, multitasking skills, and organizational skills. I’m a good listener and I’m open to feed back from those who are around me. Even though I just got introduced to SGA, I’ve already had many opportunities with getting involved. I have participated in the Fall Fest, SGA promotion tables, and I’ve attended the Leadership Conference. At the leadership conference I learned how I could become a better leader and what is asked of me as a leader. I learned the most effective way for me to be a leader to those around me. During this wonderful experience I learned what my strengths and my weaknesses are. These things are important to me because these things helped me become a better leader. The Student Government Association is here to serve to you, the students. I am here to have that bridge between you the students and the faculty. A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

Treasurer: Jacquez Mays

As an employee at Primerica Financial Services, I have learned a great deal of money management skills and financial concepts that have allowed me to be a high performer in the financial industry. I place a high value on integrity and cooperation, both of which have helped me to excel in the classroom and in my community. I believe that the SGA is the next step in my journey to accomplishing my goals, and also helping others to do the same. The true test of leadership is being able to make others see within themselves that they are also leaders, and elevating them to the next level in leadership and personal growth. I am qualified to serve in the SGA because I bring a great amount of energy and empowerment to the team around me. I am a servant leader. Through this position I will make it my mission to serve to the best of my abilities and make sure that those around me are happy and motivated to become change agents.

Public Information Officer: Ali Hamud

I am very organized, hardworking, trustworthy, and diligent person who works very well under pressure. I am a very good listener, and I lead and delegate duties equally without bias. I am looking forward to being inducted to the honors program, Phi Theta Kappa, this spring. I recently attended the Student Leadership Conference organized by Student Life and I learned so many great leadership skills, communication skills and working as a team – which I believe are great qualities for a public information officer. I am honest and trustworthy, and I pride myself in building long lasting relationships with people from different cultures and backgrounds. I will use my position to serve as the mouthpiece between the SGA and the rest of the students at CPCC. I will create the proper and necessary communication channels for our voices to be heard and also to promote the culture by voicing our opinions.