Let Your Actions Speak for Peace

I’m always amazed at how quickly the year passes and how it always seems to come to a close with a screeching halt. It’s a time of reflection, but often a time filled with great stress and anxiety as many of you prepare for exams, look forward to the next semester, and think about upcoming holidays or the year or semester ahead.

This year in particular seems to close (for our nation) in similar stress and anxiety. Whether we look to the national news, the larger economic climate, political discourse, or even the stress of our own lives or those of our friends and neighbors, we can see examples of injustice, struggle and confusion.

Photo courtesty of www.flickr.com

As an optimist and someone who has the fortunate opportunity to work with a diverse group of people, I continue to believe in the power of a collective effort. When I look around and wonder how I might have a hand in creating peace in this big, bad world, I’m brought back to the idea that actions speak louder than words.

We can come together. We can stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. We can help our neighbor. We can serve our communities. Like any good superhero, we can use our powers for good.

So, how can you get involved?

There are endless ways in which you can let your actions speak for peace. But, if you’re stumped or need a head start, consider marking your calendar for January 19th, and participating in the 2015 MLK Challenge. There’s room for lots of students, and the collective impact creates a positive change in our own community. Change made about by you and me, and peace created for all we encounter.

Blog Contributor:
Amanda Capobianchi
Associate Dean of Student Life