Leadership is Your Ticket to Success

                Imagine you just graduated from college or will be graduating in a couple of weeks and you’re feeling the anticipation and excitement of landing that first job in your field.  You’ve cleaned up your resume, filled out numerous applications, written countless cover letters, and even persuaded your most challenging, yet respected instructor to write you a reference letter.  You are prepared….or so you think.  The awaited day has arrived and you go into your first interview.  Packed with your credentials and armed with the perfect speech about your academic success, you enter the waiting room of the office suite and find yourself surrounded by other recent college graduates with similar credentials, grades, and that perfect smile.  Reality hits and you begin to ask yourself some questions.  What makes me different or makes me stand out from the rest?  What have I done or accomplished that makes me the one to hire?

                These and other questions quickly run through your head as you anxiously take your seat beside your competition.  Just as you begin to sit, however, a cool breeze comes over you.  You take a deep breath and a little confident smile creeps upon your face.  Why?  You have what companies and organizations are looking for and needing.  You have a history and a record of being a team player, motivator, critical thinker, relationship builder, planner and organizer, record keeper, and most importantly, an effective leader.  Your years in college were not only spent mastering your subject matter, but you learned how to make a positive difference in an organization and in the greater community and learned how to work with others to accomplish amazing things.  You learned these important lessons by getting involved in student clubs and organizations, doing community service, attending the annual Student Leadership Conference, or participating in one of the leadership programs CPCC has to offer.  While you were in college, you went beyond self, and wanted to make your college, your campus, and/or your community a better place for others.  You learned leadership, and so in this waiting room you smile, sit confidently, and clearly know why you are the best candidate.

 -Davis Mahatha, Student Life Coordinator at the Cato Campus

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