International Student Experience

The International Student Experience

The decision to leave your family and friends to pursue a higher education outside of your country can be a difficult and long process filled with a lot of stress as well as excitement and hope. Hope that everything goes according to plan and your sometimes very high expectations are all met. Language barriers and culture shock is something almost every international student will experience. It can be very challenging and frustrating especially during the first semester, where we usually face problems such as adjusting to the new place, getting to meet other students and the stress over our academic performance. But the determination and the need to quench our thirst for knowledge as well as to further our career options in our various fields of choice, makes us power through all the obstacles and hurdles we may encounter.

As an international student it can be very lonely when you don’t have friends and a support group, which is why getting involved in the school life with student associations such as the International Student Association and Student Government Association helps immensely. Not only do these associations connect us with the community we live in and help us experience our host country, but they are also meant to connect us with other positive and goal oriented students who support each other academically and socially. Through these associations, I have met some of my best friends and gained relationships that I will treasure forever. The opportunity to increase your career prospects while living abroad is a great one; it is to be enjoyed but also taken very seriously, as a Bulgarian saying goes, “seize the opportunity by the beard, for it is bald behind.”

Seedy Njie is from Gambia, West Africa and has been at CPCC for one year. He’s currently enrolled in the Associate of Arts program, and wishes to transfer to complete his Bachelor’s degree and continue his studies to become a Human Rights Lawyer in his home country. In his free time, Seedy loves going on road trips with friends and watching soccer games.

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