Celebrating Women, Building Community

While it is important to remember women of the past who have helped shape our history, it is also important to celebrate and support the women of today. In honor of Women’s History Month, we would like to introduce a group that is empowering, encouraging, and educating women right here at CPCC.

The Positive Community for Women (PCW) was introduced to CPCC in hopes to bring about a community for women that supports positive communications and relations for women, about women and with women. The mission of PCW is to provide a positive and educational environment where women are empowered and encouraged to improve their lives through education and personal growth. PCW seeks to support and uplift women as a source of awareness of resources and events, a source of support for confidential exchange and mentoring, and a source of advocacy for student endeavors and for dedication to current and on-going issues concerning women.

PCW is hoping to receive support from faculty and students to find a true niche here at CPCC and increase retention for our female students. PCW is open to all CPCC students, faculty, and staff.

PCW is currently holding meetings every other Tuesday from 2pm – 3pm on Central Campus. Please join us at our next meeting on Tuesday, March 27, 2012, in the Belk/Health Sciences Building, Room 4510. For more information about PCW, please contact Danielle Dosunmu at (704) 330-6954 or e-mail at danielle.dosunmu@cpcc.edu.

Upcoming Women’s History Month Event: Dr. Ruth Shaw

Past president of CPCC, Dr. Ruth Shaw, will be sharing her life story and inspiring messages. Dr. Shaw will discuss the importance of women’s history month and how women have helped shape the culture at CPCC and influenced the growth within our community. This event is sponsored by Student Life, Library Services, and the American Association for Women in Community Colleges.

Thursday, March 22, 2012
11 am – 12 noon
Central Campus, Overcash, Tate Hall

The event will also be streamed live at the following locations:

Harris: 1120 (H-1) Auditorium
Harper: HP 112
Merancas: CJ Auditorium
Cato: CT – 166
Levine: LV – 1224

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