Are You Ready to Be a Leader?

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Student leadership is one of the most beneficial extracurricular activities a college student can get involved in on campus. It’s about: discovering who you are and what you are passionate about, making new friends, building a professional network, maximizing your opportunities, developing your skills, and – most importantly – having fun along the way. Within Student Life, we have witnessed first-hand how students’ lives have been changed because of their leadership experience and our hope is that more students get involved.

If you ask any student leader to share their experience, he/she will most likely tell you that student leadership is not about holding a position. It is about having a passion. It is about serving the campus community with pride, commitment, and love. It is about being in a unique position to make a difference on campus and within the community. And, it’s also about facing fears, overcoming obstacles, and making sacrifices. “There are always two choices. Two paths to take. One is easy. And its only reward is that it’s easy.” – Unknown. It’s up to you to determine which path to choose.

To Be A Leader

You must endure heartache and sorrow.
You must face humiliation and discouragement.
You work while others play.
You support those who have fallen.
You encourage the despairing.
You give directions to the lost.
You carry the burdens of many.
You weep for the suffering.
You laugh with the happy.
You calm the angry.
You comfort the mourning.
You pray for wisdom.
You smile to the frowning.
You listen to the ideas of others.
You forgive those who hold grudges.
You are needed by many.
You are recognized by few.
You achieve the impossible.
You give credit to others.
You give all of yourself to be a leader.
But you ask yourself every day,
“Is it worth it?”
But it is, when you make a difference in the life of another.
For that tilts the scales of sacrifice.
And it makes being a leader
One of the greatest privileges in the world.

By Anonymous, from Inspiration for Student Leaders

Are you ready to be a leader?

It’s never too late to get involved on campus. Start by reviewing our list of active clubs or contacting the Student Government Association for available opportunities. If you have any questions about Student Life, please contact the Student Life Coordinator at your campus.