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            Prior to being a student at CPCC, I was always known as the quite or introvert one out of all my friends. I would often say “I’d like to be more adventurous,” but I did nothing to explore that aspect of myself.  For an example I never joined clubs or got involved in extra-curricular activities in high school, because I was afraid to fail.  But all that soon changed once I was asked to join the Student Government Association at the Cato Campus. Once I was accepted into the organization, I dived right into it, not really knowing the magnitude of how much I was about to gain from this experience. Immediately, I had to learn how to work with others, problem solve, and lead.

              Looking back on my overall experience as an involved student, I would say it was one of the most important and necessary things I could have done as a student. Being involved helped me grow into a more responsible student.  I noticed I took my education even more serious just to maintain the appropriate grade point average to continue to be active in the organization. Also, I observed that I grew into the habit of working with others and that helped me become closer to my goal in being less introverted.  This helped me in class when I would have to do presentations or even just answer an instructor’s question.

                Lastly, being involved taught me about the campus/college.  I was aware of all resources provided for me and it drew me closer to meeting as well as, getting to know the staff of the college. As a student I found it was most helpful to know who to turn to when I had questions or concerns.   It was refreshing to have advisors know me personally and by name. All in all, I have to give thanks to my peers and the club advisors of SGA, for teaching and supporting me through the journey of being a newly involved student. I plan to continue to stay involved and I assure others that it is most certainly worth giving it a try.

JaKeyla Wallace, Cato Student Life

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