Piano & Instrumental Repertory


We offer class piano I-IV which progresses from a beginning to late intermediate level. Music majors are encouraged to take all four levels of piano to help prepare them for transfer to a four-year school. Piano IV specifically prepares students for a piano proficiency which is required at most four-year institutions. Students apply what they learn in their other music classes to music they are learning to play in these piano classes.

 In Piano Pedagogy class we discuss how to teach piano both privately and in a class-room setting. The student studies different methods of piano instruction for different levels of student ability and for age 4 to adult. Students are required to study particular methods and present a report to the class on their findings and must also observe a teacher in the Charlotte community and write a report on that observation.

Instrumental Repertory

This class gives the student an opportunity to practice performing their repertory for the semester in a master class setting. Students are required to perform their assigned individual repertory during class where the rest of the class and the instructor will offer constructive criticism and observations. Proper performance etiquette and other appropriate topics are discussed.

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