iOS7 for iPad is Close to Heaven

The new iOS7 upgrade is visually appealing and works very fast on our CPCC network. Typically, when major visual changes are made to a OS there is chaos across the land. However, the iOS7 update is very appealing and ergonomically easy to navigate. You may need to re-acclimate yourself to the new typeface (Helvetica Neue Light) used throughout. Neue enhances layouts with clean lines and a strong sense of modern organization.

Regarding the affect iOS7 has on updates and load time, I had 51 updates waiting (and you too may also have that many waiting). I decided to update them all at once, just to see if I could crash the system but no such luck. The system moved through updates with speed and accuracy. Another change you will notice is the dock, which is activated by the ‘four finger up-swipe’. This action now shows the corresponding window to the application above the ‘film strip’ of apps (see illustration below). Click on the large window and you are quickly transported inside your application, which is very convenient.

The calendar layout is also well designed from both a layout and design fundamentals point of view. The two column design in the calendar ‘day’ window mode provides all the information you need to see your event details. When you open a folder you will see a set of nine apps. When you click on the folder the window zoom in close-up and reveals the nine apps. When you see an app with a blue dot in the name field it means that app has been updated.  There is an app icon layout limit of nine for each folder which shows all nine at once. However, the folder can contain more and the rest of the apps are hidden on other pages. To reveal these hidden apps just swipe left or right. Opening Facebook, when you access it for the first time after the update, you will notice a delay in loading but be patient.

You may also have to reset your ZAGG Bluetooth keyboard. When connecting, turn off then turn on the Bluetooth setting and your device will appear in the general setting bluetooth window. I tried ‘paring’ then turning on and off the keyboard and the spinning hyphens of wait ( unofficially I call SHOW) kept spinning. I will play with the iOS7 system over the weekend but so far I am enjoying all the pluses from the new iOS7 graphic changes. You should too. This event should make up for  IKEA disowning ‘Futura’ as their main typeface change. I know…I should find my quiet space and just let it go. Let it go…man!

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