Slideshark Swims Effortlessly Through Presentations

Recently, I gave a presentation to the Paralegal staff at the Cato campus, on how to use Google Docs and Slideshark. The crowd favorite of the two applications was Slideshark because I was able to show how you can walk around the classroom and control a PowerPoint presentation at the podium using data projector.  What is great about Slideshark the ease in setup, the ergonomic app design and it is FREE. The free version will only allow a limited amount of logins.  Here is the best way to test out Slideshark on your iPad:

The Setup

  1. Download the Slideshark app to your iPad or tablet.
  2. Open a browser and go to and sign up for the Slideshark service.
  3. Upload a PowerPoint presentation from your desktop or cloud storage. You will have to give Slideshark access to Google Drive, Dropbox, Skydrive, Box or a Sharefile account on a tablet.
  4. Go back to the iPad app and launch.


Control Setup

  1. In app window, in the bottom left corner there are four graphic buttons.
  2. Click the first one, i.e., ‘the remote control’ and make sure the setting is ‘on’. (you may not need)
  3. Click the second one, i.e., ‘broadcasting control’ and then click the ‘broadcast button’.I suggest that you input a security code (ex:111) if you want to control when you release your presentation to students.  When class starts give the code to students when the time is right. (This works for those with paid monthly service)
  4. Write a message in the ‘meeting information’ field to prepare students for what they are about to view. Make your message brief.
  5. Click ‘Start Broadcasting’ button.
  6. The window will change and show that you are broadcasting your presentation.

Attendee Setup

  1. Next, input your email address in the ‘attendees’ field.  Click the field then fill in the email window fields and send. (this only your email address)
  2. Go to the email provider where you mailed your invitation and click on the link inside that email. However, make sure you are viewing this email message at the podium or laptop that is projecting your presentation. (the presentation will pop up in a new browser tab)
  3. Fill in the information and then click the ‘Join Meeting’ button. (a black window will appear as you wait for the presenation to begin on your podium/data projector)
  4. Go back to your iPad and you will notice your name is registered as the one and only attendee for the broadcast.
  5. You are now ready to launch your presentation on your iPad in the SlideShark app by clicking on the round ‘green’ button under your presentation above the broadcast/attendee pop up window.
  6. Start swiping your presentation left or right and you will notice on the podium the slides respond to your move



Sometimes wirtten material is not enough to explain how software works. Slideshark offers video tutorials and PDF instruction downloads on the following topics:

For more information and tutorials go to:   Remember, Learning Technology Services would be happy to speak to your faculty or staff about SlideShark and other campus applications.  Please feel free to contact us.

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