Game Changers Challenges Higher Ed

I just downloaded a free book called ‘Game Changers” by Diana G. Oblinger, published by Educause.

I think the chapter on “IT Innovations and the Nontraditional Learner” makes several good points about how higher education should service students.  Testing students before they start class to see what they know is very smart. Some schools refuse to do this because of the fear that they will find out something about a student that requires help, which equates to money. The non-traditional learner has more world experiences in general. Denying credit for past learning is not a profitable venture in the end.

Another point discussed was the recognition of previous learning and student portfolio documentation. They mentioned the tendency for non-traditional learners to have the college credits at several institutions.  Also, many times those learning experiences are not given credit or transferred among colleges. It must be frustrating to have earned 140 credits and to only be allowed to graduate with 120. I like the discussion in the chapter about how web based programs are more likely to have an articulation agreement, thus making transfers easy for students.  If you want to read this free book “Game Changers” by Diana G. Oblinger here is the link:

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