Beginning in August a few minor changes to our programs will take effect:

  1. DES 130, Digital Apps for Interior Design, will become a required course.
  2. ARC 133 and CIS 111 will no longer be required.
  3. ARC 111 will no longer be an acceptable alternative to DES 110.
  4. ARC 114 will no longer be an acceptable alternative to DES 120.
  5. The suggested sequence of courses and a few prerequisites have changed. Refer to the new program brochure for the updated course sequence.

Note that students currently in the program who have already taken the courses that are no longer required may continue with the requirements of the catalog year in which they started. Current students who have not yet taken ARC 133 and/or CIS 111 are urged to update to the new catalog year.  The Program Chair, Mick Campbell, can assist with this change.  If there are any questions, please contact him at

For the updated program brochure, click this link: 2017 A3220 Interior Design