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Our 2018-2019 Workshop Schedule is now LIVE

 Our 2017-2018 Workshop Schedule is now live. You can see all the great workshops the HFSK team has put together.  We are looking forward to another great year and hope that we will be seeing you in our workshops! Select the 2018-2019 Workshop Schedule option above.








If You Sign UP Show UP!

show-upEveryone…we want to keep Healthy Futures Starting in the Kitchen useful program for everyone in the Childcare community.  We have gotten great support from many of the centers and individuals and we are excited about our future.  We ask, though, that if you register for a workshop, you attend the workshop.  We know things happen, and you are not always able to meet commitments; if that happens and you know that you aren’t going to make it to a workshop, we ask that you get in touch with us and let us know that you are cancelling.  For our kitchen classes, we purchase food based on the number of people registered for the class.  It creates a significant amount of waste and expense if we have food not used or not eaten because our turnout does not match our registration.  Thank you for your cooperation with this.

We Want to Come Visit

Chef Lauren and Chef John are looking for centers to visit.  During the visit, they observe the kitchen and the cook(s), collect information about day to day kitchen activities and discuss ways to enhance the menu and food preparation techniques.  Each visit lasts about 2 hours of time. You may even get the Chefs to help cook and serve meals! Any center interested in having our Chefs come visit, can email Chef John at to get more information and to schedule an appropriate time.



4 thoughts on “The Latest from Healthy Futures Starting in the Kitchen

    • Hi Nicole, thank you for the question.
      We are working with our Chef instructors to put together an outstanding group.

  1. Wanted to ask if a chef can come out to our child development program and do a workshop for our families during Week of The Young Child in April?

    • Hi Tonya, please contact me at 704.330.4641 ex 7672, so that we can discuss your needs and see how we can help.



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