Support Open Gallery Space at CPCC

Mr. Gorelick’s vision is to expand the open gallery concept and access to art to other CPCC campuses. Be a part of this vision and give students, faculty and our community greater access to art. Contribute today!

“Art is inspiring and impactful; it offers something to everyone, and it should be barrier-free.” – Bill Gorelick

Gorelick’s vision is that CPCC uses the open gallery space created as a result of this relationship to showcase student work as well as works from other local collectors and artists (perhaps even some gallery and museum basements), transferring them from campus to campus as future campus galleries are opened. To this end, CPCC is seeking philanthropic support to maintain the new gallery space created at CPCC’s Levine Campus and to construct the next gallery space at our Harris Campus Conference Center. Contribute today!

Support Open Gallery Space at CPCC through Power2Give

Support Open Gallery Space at CPCC. Contribute today!