DMS Web Studio

Here’s an Emerging Technologies Sneak Peek of the web-video studio in the Innovations Center, L405. Contact the Help Desk to schedule a recording or tour.

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Join or Google Hangout AskIT

Have you attended an AskIT event yet?  If not, this is your chance!  We are going to do a test of a new Google Hangout feature by having our first Google Hangout AskIT, Emerging Tech Edition!

The hangout will be held Monday, February 20 at 3pm.  Check back here at that time for the link to the hangout.  We’ll be taking your questions, thoughts, and just having a good time.

We look forward to seeing you then!

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Here’s a quick video shot from the Digital Media Services studio (LR405) about a software that’s being tested by Library Services and ITS.
It’s intended to help students find an available lab workstation more easily.

The maps are currently available at:  The test is set to conclude late-December, 2011. Please note, once testing is complete, this link may not work.


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2011 Geekfest Recordings

Emerging Technologies would like to extend a BIG thanks to all the coordinators, supporters and sponsors of the 2011 Geekfest. DMS provided live broadcasts for multiple sessions. Here’s the link to the archived recordings for your viewing pleasure.

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Google+ Available for CPCC Students and Staff

We are happy to announce that Google+ is now available for CPCC staff and students.  Previously you had to sign up for Google+ using your personal gmail account.  That has now changed.

Google+ for staff and students can now be setup with your account.  You can setup Hangouts for group collaboration, share documents, share your desktop, hold virtual office hours, submit posts and more with your classmates,  students and colleagues through Google+.

We have setup 2 circles to get you started, Public and CPCC.  You can then go and setup as many additional circles as you like.  In the future we hope to create additional circles for you (e.g. class circles, interest circles and more).

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New Schedule Builder is Now Available

Information Technology Services is happy to announce that the new Online Schedule Builder is now available. Schedule Builder is an online tool used to search and register for classes. It is designed to improve upon the previous online schedule tool in a number of ways, including:

  • Improved search results
  • Saved Schedules
  • MyCollege Integration

Improved search results
The class search feature has been completely redesigned with new search and indexing capabilities. In addition, the embedded search engine ‘learns’ from the way visitors search, so results continue to improve over time.

Saved schedules
Schedules may now be saved using a CPCC Login username and password. Saving a schedule means you can return to finish your schedule at your convenience, rather than starting over. Schedules can also be emailed as links, so you can share schedules with others.

MyCollege Integration
Once you have completed building your schedule, classes may be sent directly to MyCollege for registration. We want it to be as simple as possible to find the right class, and then register for it.

We hope you like the improvements we’ve made. If you haven’t yet, please take a moment to visit the new Schedule Builder at

If you have any questions related to the release of the new Online Schedule Builder please contact the Information Technology Services Helpdesk at extension 5000.

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SMART Classroom Prototype

The new SMART Classroom prototype is nearly complete and ready for you to take for a test drive in the Central Campus Teaching & Innovations Center, LR405. Click here for more information about the components of the prototype.


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CPCC Lecture Capture History

Congratulations Panopto users! You uploaded a record amount of online lesson recordings during the month of August, 2011. There were 177 lesson recordings posted last month for an all-new record. The closest we’ve ever came to matching this was back in March, 2011 when 145 lessons were uploaded. We’d love to hear what your students are saying about the ability to watch lessons online at their convenience. Be sure to post comments below & keep up the utilization. We in ITS love to see tools being used so heavily.

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Ask IT – Second Central Campus Edition

The second Ask IT event was held at the Central Campus on August 25th, 2011. The event was streamed live online by Digital Media Services, providing real-time video to over 50 viewers. Several online attendees asked questions from the Google Moderator thread . On-site attendees also had a chance to ask some good questions.




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Panopto is a capture application that enables you to record webcam video, your desktop screen and/or PowerPoint presentations with audio and post them online in an extraordinarily easy process. Each component is time-synced and all PowerPoint slide text is searchable.

Message to CPCC Panopto users:

Our recent upgrade to Blackboard 9 has resulted in a change to the way you’ll upload your recordings to you courses. The Add Coursecast link is no longer available. In order to share a lecture capture with your class, log in to your folder on Panopto, click the Share link located under the title of the video you want to post, then just copy the Link & post it to Blackboard.

If you have any questions, please contact the ITS Helpdesk at

P.S., Be sure to install the proper webcam drivers if you’re recording live video. Some users have experienced a ‘jittering’ once the video gets past the 5-minute mark. Logitech drivers are available on their website. You may also contact the ITS Helpdesk for assistance with this.

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