Multimedia at CPCC has a new home!

DELTA was CPCC’s first iteration of a multimedia content repository, or online hosting platform. It was great for uploading a single video and using it in any number of Blackboard / Moodle courses and webpages without having to copy each time it. It also helped deliver the videos to users that had slow internet connections by way of it’s progressive download feature.

However, the needs for hosting video at CPCC have expanded since it was developed. For example, we now work to include closed captions for all online videos.

ENTER, Unison. Unison is a brand new tool for uploading any video to Panopto Focus, CPCC’s standard lesson recording tool. It comes with a list of new features that will make it a valuable replacement for DELTA. Some include:

  • Closed captioning
  • Online editor
  • Automatic PodCast and VodCast (Video podcasting) for all uploads
  • Mobile video playback
  • Mobile video recording
  • Adaptive streaming to offer the best quality video depending on internet speed
  • Easy tools to time-sync PowerPoint to a pre-recorded video

Take a minute to watch our introductory video. We’ll be publishing additional training videos in the near future so be sure to check back regularly.


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