The New Emerging Technologies Blog

Welcome to the new Emerging Technologies Blog.  This blog will be a space to learn more about what it happening in the Emerging Technologies area of CPCC and how you can be involved in the great innovations occurring at the College.  We contemplated for a long time how to better communicate with the College about our projects, innovations, and ideas.  After a good bit of deliberation we decided it would be best to use a technology we had released, eat our own dog food. is the newest service released by the Web Development Team (part of Emerging Technologies) and the Learning Technology Team.  The service is intended to be an informal way to communicate with people aat the College.  This blog will be an informal way to share information and hopefully discussion.

You are probably wondering who the is Emerging Technology Team?  Well we are a new department within ITS consisting of the Web Development Team and the Digital Media Services Team as well as the Teaching and Innovations Commons.  Although the department is comprised of the WDT and DMS teams, we collaborate with all of ITS and the College to produce innovative technology solutions for our students, faculty and staff.  Some of our projects currently in progress include:

  • Website Re-design
  • Smart Classroom update
  • Lecture Capture
  • Global Classroom / Synchronous Classroom
  • Schedule Builder Upgrade
  • Online Student Profile Re-build
  • and many more….

We already have some great ideas about how to better engage our users and how to bring more innovative and fun solutions to the College.  We want this area to be an exciting and collaborative space where Emerging Technology works with instructors, staff, and students to produce amazing solutions.

We’ll be posting often.  Please stay tuned and reach out to us with any questions or thoughts.

Thanks, Ken


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