WebEx training sessions

eLearning will be offering several WebEx training sessions throughout the months of March, April and May and invites all faculty to participate and discover the potential of this tool to enhance classroom communications and increase student success.

The software allows you to communicate virtually with your students and demonstrate, share and solicit student feedback in real-time! This session focuses on the Training Center tool within WebEx. During this training faculty will gain the ability to schedule, host and facilitate an instructional synchronous session. Additionally, it will cover strategies for incorporating WebEx sessions into Blackboard and Moodle courses.

Upon completion of this training, faculty will be able to:

  • Describe common instructional uses for synchronous sessions using WebEx Training Center
  • Demonstrate the ability to schedule and host a WebEx Training Center session.
  • Define the process of facilitating a synchronous session
  • Identify the elements of the WebEx environment
  • Modify personal preferences and profile and use My Personal Meeting Room
  • Use WebEx tools to share desktop, documents and other content
  • Implement a WebEx Training Center session through an LMS course
  • Locate additional resources for WebEx training and support.

Registration is available through LearnerWeb for sessions listed below.

  • Thursday,  March 20,  10-12N, Central HL 319
  • Friday March 21, 1-3PM, Merancas CJC 137
  • Weds April 2, 1-3PM, Central HL 319
  • Weds April 9, 3-5PM, Central HL 319
  • Tues April 22, 1-3PM, Central HL 319

Stay tuned. Additional sessions will be scheduled online and the other campuses.