Download and Import the official Course Menu

To add the Official Navigational Template to your new (blank) shell:

Official Blackboard Navigational Template (Course Menu)

Image of the official Navigational Course Menu

Step 1
Click on the link to “Download the Official Navigational Template” this will download a zipfile that contains the course menu. (Most browsers will download this file to a “Download” folder and many will show a link to the file at the bottom of the browser window. So look for this when you download.)

Step 2

  1. Login in to Blackboard and, click on your new semester shell.
  2.  Make sure that Editing is ON (Upper right hand corner of the browser.)
  3. In the Control Panel , click on Packages and Utilities/ Import Package­/View Logs.
  4. Click on Import Package ; browse to the zipfile that you downloaded.
  5.  Click “Select All” then click Submit.
  6. You will receive an email when the import is complete. Your new semester shell will now contain the Official Navigational Template, together with brief instructions in the Announcements for how to add basic content and information to your shell.

    image of Blackboard Packages and Utilities menu

    image of Blackboard Packages and Utilities menu

If you experience difficulties you are unable to overcome, please contact eLearning via the HelpDesk at 704-330-5000.