Spring 2016 Semester Shell Instructions

Welcome, CPCC Instructors:

All new semester shells are created empty, i.e., without any course menu items or content.

All online curriculum courses are required to use the Standard Navigational Template and the standard template is recommended for all courses in order to promote a more consistent experience for students.

(1) If you already have course content from a previous semester (or a Master or Core course), you may copy it directly into your new shell. Instructions for copying courses and for updating the course menu can be found on the eLearning Blog (http://blogs.cpcc.edu/elearning)

(2) If you do not have a course from a previous semester, you can add the Navigational Template / Course Menu to your empty shell in one of two ways: 

Additional Information for Instructors can be found on the Timeline of LMS Activities and on the Faculty Checklist for Teaching eLearning Courses.

If you have any questions please contact eLearning via the HelpDesk at 704-330-5000.

New Blackboard Features and Enhancements for Fall 2015

The biggest news is the integration of SafeAssignments into the regular Blackboard assignment tool and the long-awaited, one-click Student Preview!

This pdf will provide you with a brief description of the main features that are new and improved in this version of Blackboard.

If you have any questions please contact eLearning via the HelpDesk at 704-330-5000.

Help! My New Blackboard Shell is Empty! What to Do?

HelpCPCC Faculty, you may not have noticed that, since summer, new Blackboard semester shells are now empty, i.e., they no longer contain the Official Navigational Template (Course Menu). This is because many, if not most, faculty normally copy a previous semester shell (with content) into the new shell, eliminating the tedious task of deleting the menu and making course copies easier to complete and more accurate. Yay!

However, if you are a faculty member who doesn’t have a previous semester shell with content, or you prefer to use the course menu as a starting point, then this is easy to achieve.  Here are two ways of achieving this:

  1.  Download and Import the official Course Menu, Click here for instructions.
  2.  Manually adding the official  Course Menu, Click here for instructions. 

If you experience difficulties you are unable to overcome, please contact eLearning via the HelpDesk at 704-330-5000.