Early Childhood Advisors 2017-2018

Early Childhood program students are assigned to a faculty advisor. Please contact your faculty advisor for guidance and questions.

Your advisor corresponds with the first letter of your last name:

Last Name          Advisor’s Name                      Location                                     Telephone 

A-B                      Kristen Monteith                Harris I, Room 2229                  704-330-4767

C-G                      Lisa Godwin                         Harris I, Room 1208                   704-330-4765

H-K                     Susan Butler-Staub           Harris I, Room 1207                   704-330-4761

 L-M                     Carla Brown                        Harris I, Room 1205                   704-330-4764

N-R                      Christine Sargeant            Harris I, Room 2227                   704-330-4768

S-Z                       Kelli Fitzgibbons                Harris I, Room 1211                    704-330-4751