Disability Services recognizes volunteers and supporters at the Disability Services Appreciation Reception

On December 13th, the first Disability Services Appreciation Reception was held to recognize those who provided volunteer service to the department and to those who have shown outstanding support to the department and to students with disabilities. They were honored with certificates of appreciation to celebrate the accomplishments. A spread of goodies was also provided by the Disability Services staff to those who received recognition, as well as their supervisors.

Here are the staff, faculty, and students who were recognized:

Staff, faculty, and students who completed projects with Alysia Leak, Disability Services Lab Facilitator, to provide Assistive Technology (recorded textbook audio) or Testing Accommodations (reader/scribe) to students who use these accommodations.

Libby Vagnoni, reader/scribe for 2 testing sessions
Gaurang Doshi, reader/scribe for 1 test session
Cantrell Miller, 12 pages of textbook audio
Karen Cruz, 20 pages of textbook audio
Maurice Hanns, 20 pages of textbook audio
Joy Scott, 25 pages of textbook audio
Melissa Wilson, 29 pages of textbook audio
Laura Tucker, 30 pages of textbook audio
Linda Patel, 31 pages of textbook audio
Crystal Moore, 31 pages of textbook audio
Patricia Bostian, 60 pages of textbook audio
Nafeesah Dambreville, 60 pages of textbook audio

Staff, faculty, and students who demonstrate outstanding support of Disability Services students and the department in general.

Denise Keating
Center for Military Families and Veterans
Alex Dunlop
Dwight Evans
Sean Curtis
Shantell Strickland-Davis
Joy Scott
Elizabeth Rogers
Curtis Speas
Linda Adams
Nichole Williams

Disability Services is so grateful to all of the volunteers and supporters this semester! Your service made a significant impact in the lives of students with disabilities. Thank you!

Photocredit: Lindsey McDonald

If anyone is interested in volunteering with Disability Services, please visit our volunteer webpage for more information and to complete the volunteer form.

The end of the spring semester approaches! That means summer semester starts soon!

Hello students! Finals week is upon us! Disability Services wishes you the best of luck as you take your final exams! If you need to schedule any final exam testing in the Disability Services Testing Center (it must be an approved accommodation) please contact dslab@cpcc.edu to schedule an appointment as soon as possible!

Registration is now open for summer and fall 2016 semesters. If you are approved for accommodations, please contact your Disability Counselor as soon as you are registered. We can now print accommodation forms early so you will be prepared in advance for your classes. If you need to request your forms from your Disability Counselor, call or email them directly. Click here to go to our Contact Us page for contact information.

We look forward to working with you!

Staff Spotlight: Mina Gerges, Lab Facilitator in the Disability Services Testing Center

Mina Gerges, Lab Facilitator

Mina is one of our newer team members in Disability Services. His background in technology is an asset to our department. Here is some Q&A to help you get to know Mina better!

Q: Who are you?
A: My name is Mina Gerges. I was born in Canterbury England, where I lived for four years. Then I went to Egypt and I spent about thirteen years there until I finished my high school diploma with a major in mathematics. I studied at Hudson County and then I studied electrical engineering technology at UNCC. Now I’m an Instructional Lab Facilitator at CPCC

Q: How long have you worked at CPCC?
A: This is my first time working at CPCC and I started one month ago.

Q: What other professional jobs have you held in the past?
A: I worked as a Process Engineer at Electronics Manufacturing. I provided quality support for production assembly and testing, documented assembly process for the manufacturing floor, and documented test procedures for test engineering. I also tested assemblies using manual, semi-automatic, and automatic test equipment. I enforced strong adherence to documented processes and lead problem resolution. I also worked as a math teacher at CMS where I taught mathematics for grades 9-12. I did my internship with CMC where I repaired desktops and laptops. Finally, I worked as a IT Assistant and I maintained and repaired PCs and Mac Computer hardware/ software.

Q: What is your area of expertise?
A: I have Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology from UNCC

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job at CPCC?
A: I enjoy working with people. I’m gaining new experience and knowledge about working with disabled students and how to be more social with people.

Q: What are some of your favorite things to do outside of work?
A: I play basketball, tennis and bowling. I enjoy writing Christian stories and reading poems. I also have a talent in teaching mathematics.

Q: What do you want others to know about you?
A: I want others to know who I am and how I achieved my goal to become a team member of Disability Services at CPCC.

New Accommodation Form Starting Fall 2015

Disability Services is phasing in a new system in the department, which means the accommodation form has changed. You may still come across the “old” carbon copy version of the accommodation form, but the new form will be showing up more and more over the course of this current semester. It is a paper copy form. Here is more information about our new process with accommodation forms:

  • The student must request their accommodation forms each semester that they are taking classes.
  • The student is issued an accommodation form for each registered class.
  • The Disability Counselor completes the form(s) with the student.
  • The form is signed by the Disability Counselor and the student.

Campus classes:
The student is responsible for delivering the form to the instructor. 
Online classes:
The Disability Counselor emails the instructor the form.  The Instructor keeps a copy for their records.


  • Once the instructor receives the accommodation form, the accommodations are considered active for that semester. Accommodations are not retroactive. Accommodations will only apply from the time the instructor receives the form forward.
  • Even if a student is approved to use accommodations, the student has the CHOICE whether or not they want to use the accommodations at any time.
  • Accommodations may not always apply, even if they are approved by Disability Services. In most cases they will apply, as along as the accommodation is reasonable for the class. If an instructor believes an accommodation is not reasonable for the class, the instructor should contact the Disability Counselor to discuss the concerns.
  • If a student requests to use an accommodation in class and they do not present an accommodation form to you, you are not required to accommodate the student. In that case, please refer the student to Disability Services.

Please visit our website for more information about our services or contact us at x6621 or disability.counselingservices@cpcc.edu


Faculty and Staff Resource Page Added to the Disability Services Website

The NEW Faculty and Staff Resource Page on the Disability Services website!

Please visit the website to learn more about your role and responsibilities to assist students with disabilities at CPCC. The college as a whole is responsible for ensuring equal access for all students in order to maintain compliance with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). So, we created this website to help you learn how to do your part. Here’s what you’ll find on the website:

  • The accommodation form procedure for faculty
  • Using the Disability Services Testing Center: Instructions for faculty
  • Referring students to Disability Services-Best practices for faculty and staff
  • FAQs for faculty and staff
  • Link to the NEW Disability Services online training for faculty and staff-PD credit (Offered in Fall 2015)

Still have questions after visiting the website? You can call, visit our office, or email us! Please visit our contact us page for information on our staff and locations. We look forward to working with the faculty and staff in the upcoming semester! Thank you!

Tips for Faculty: Online class accommodations

To the Faculty of CPCC,

Whether you are taking time off or still teaching (hopefully a light courseload!) during the summer term, Disability Services sends you well wishes for a relaxing summer!

With that being said….the fall semester will be here before you know it! Disability Services wants to help prepare faculty for working with students with disabilities for the upcoming fall term. This blog post focuses on online classes and working with students with disabilities to provide academic accommodations. Here’s a list of helpful tips to assist you as a faculty member:

1. Include a statement in the syllabus about Disability Services. This is something that all faculty are recommended to do as a best practice for informing their students about how to request accommodations through Disability Services. Click here to view CPCC’s syllabus statement for accommodations. Even in online classes, students may need to use accommodations to access the material.

2. Sign the accommodation form once it is sent to you and return it to the Disability Counselor. The form explains what accommodations are approved to be used by the student in your class. Accommodations are considered active once you sign the accommodation form. Clarify any questions about accommodations with the student and/or their Disability Counselor. The Disability Counselor is listed on the accommodation form.

3. If you are teaching an online class and require students to test on campus at some point during the semester, notify the testing center about students in your class(es) who are approved to use testing accommodations (such as extended time for testing) when you submit tests to the testing center. Generally, testing for online classes is done off campus. So as a result, the testing center is not notified about students who are approved for testing accommodations when they are registered for online classes. If you know this type of testing occurs in an online class and you are asked to sign an accommodation form for that class, please take the steps to ensure compliance with the student’s accommodations.

4. View the Disability Services website, Faculty and Staff Resources page, for more information on working with students with disabilities. Here you will find FAQs, directions for the accommodation form, tips for referring students to Disability Services, and directions for using the Disability Services Testing Center. Feel free to also look around the Disability Services website for more department information. We’ve recently updated our website content and will continue to update it, so check back often!

Anytime you have questions about accommodations, students with disabilities, or anything else related to Disability Services, please contact us! We are happy to help all staff and faculty at CPCC. You can visit us at our Central Campus (TE 219) or Levine Campus (room 2223) locations. Or by calling us at x6621. We look forward to working with you in the upcoming fall semester!

Staff Spotlight: Kayla Earley, Lab Facilitator

Kayla with poster presentation

Introduction written by Laurie Jachym

Kayla Earley is another new addition to the Disability Services team. She joins the Disability Services Testing Center staff at Central campus as an Instructional Lab Facilitator. She works with students who attend classes at Central, Levine, and Harris campuses to provide testing accommodations and assistive technology services.

Here is a little Q & A with Kayla to help you get to know her better.


Q: How long have you worked at Central Piedmont Community College?
A: A very short time, only since March 2015!

Q: What other professional jobs have you held in the past?
A: I worked for 2 years with Lenoir-Rhyne University’s Support Services for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students, 1 year as Bindery Supervisor at Carl A. Rudisill Library, and 1 year interning as an HIV Tester/Counselor with the ALFA.

Q: What is your area/what are your areas of expertise?
A: My Bachelors of Science is in Community Health from Lenoir-Rhyne University, and I am enrolled to begin my Master of Arts in Anthropology at UNCC this year. I have experience in research, program planning, and captioning.

Q: Can you tell us more about your picture?
A: Sure, that poster is from my Senior Honors Thesis. I was presenting an evaluation of the Council on Adolescent’s Lunch Buddy Program, which is a mentoring program for middle school students in Catawba County.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job at Central Piedmont Community College?
A: I enjoy meeting new students and observing how they learn and recall test material.

Q: What are some of your favorite things to do outside of work?
A: Outside of work I enjoy reading historical fiction, visiting museums, and going to the zoo with my mom.

Q: What do you want others to know about you?
A: If I wrote an autobiography, the title would be, “I can’t help it; I’m a nerd.”

Please help us welcome Kayla to the college and to Disability Services. She is a wonderful new addition to our team.

NEW Disability Services Testing Center contact information. Schedule your finals now!

Written by Kayla Earley, Lab Facilitator

Students, hello from your Instructional Lab Facilitators Alysia Leak and Kayla Earley. If you currently receive testing accommodations in the Disability Services Testing Center, you can now make appointments online by emailing dslab@cpcc.edu. Of course, you can still contact us individually at Alysia.Leak@cpcc.edu or Kayla.Earley@cpcc.edu if you need assistance. As the semester comes to a close, please begin making your testing appointments for final exams as soon as possible. Good luck, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Don’t forget to schedule your Disability Services testing center accommodation for final exams!

Final exams are approaching!

Students who receive the Disability Services testing center accommodation must remember to schedule their final exam in advance with our lab facilitator, Alysia Leak.

Alysia can be reached by phone or email:

704-330-2722 EXT 3462


Check your syllabus and/or clarify with your instructor in advance to determine the date of your final exam. Do it soon so you won’t have to worry about it during finals. Then you can give all your focus and attention to studying!

It’s also important to remind your instructor(s) that you want to use your testing accommodation(s) in advance when tests and quizzes are approaching.

If you need help with your accommodations or have questions for your Disability Counselor, give them a call, send an email, or you can walk-in to our office. Our main number is 704-330-6621 and our office is open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.

Good luck with the rest of the spring semester!

Campus Spotlight: Levine Campus

Disability Services at Levine Campus

At CPCC, Disability Services assists students at all 6 of our campuses. Levine campus is lucky enough to have a full-time Disability Counselor on-site, Patricia Adams. Her office is located at Levine Campus, room 2223.

Pat has been on the Disability Services team at CPCC for the past 30 years. She is the only full-time Disability Counselor at any of the CPCC satellite campuses and has worked at Levine Campus since 2000. Pat has experience working with students with a wide range of disabilities. Having a background in education and years of experience in the field, she brings an exceptional perspective and is an asset to our team.

If you are attending classes at Levine campus and are interested in registering with Disability Services, or if you are a faculty or staff member at a Levine campus and have questions, please contact Pat by phone or email. She sees walk-ins too! Her contact information is:

Levine Campus Room 2223
704-330-2722 EXT 7279

The Testing Center at Levine Campus

The Testing Center at Levine Campus works very closely with Disability Services to provide testing accommodations to Levine Campus students. The Levine Testing Center has its own set of guidelines for students and instructors to follow. Here are the guidelines for using the Levine Campus Testing Center:

The Levine Testing Center will follow the approved accommodations and cannot go by any additional information that the student requests, such as, bathroom breaks, splitting a test over two test sittings, etc.  Bathroom breaks are not allowed at any Testing Center, so if the student thinks they will need one, this must be on the accommodations form.

STUDENTS-you must give the GOLD copy of the accommodations form to the Harriet Johnson at the Levine Testing Center so they will have it on file for your exams. It can be scanned/emailed to her or dropped off at the Testing Center. She does not have a fax machine.
INSTRUCTORS-If a student is approved for an extended time accommodation, please indicate on the blue form the total time that the student has to take the test, including the extended time accommodation. The Testing Center personnel will then check to see if there is a gold sheet for that student, if not, then they do not receive accommodations.

If an instructor from another campus needs to get a test to a student at Levine Campus, it must be in a hardcopy print form. We cannot accept email copies.

The student must adhere to the testing center hours; all tests are taken up at closing time, even if the test is not completed.

The Levine Campus Testing Center Hours:
LV 2310
M, T, Th 8AM – 6PM (last course test administered @ 5:30PM)
W 8AM – 8PM (last course test administered @ 7:30PM)
F 8AM – 5PM (last course test administered @ 3:30PM)

Harriet Johnson is the testing coordinator at Levine Campus.  If you have questions about the Levine Testing Center she can be reached at: