Summer and fall registration has begun! Contact your Disability Counselor when you are registered for accommodation forms.

The spring semester is almost over so that means it’s time to register for summer and fall 2017. We recommend that students Get Advised before registering for classes. After Advising, contact your Disability Counselor to receive your accommodation forms. If you are not sure who your Disability Counselor is, please contact our front desk for assistance at 704-330-6621 or

Good luck as your finish out the spring semester! And congratulations to the Class of 2017!

Need spring semester accommodations? Contact your Disability Counselor now!

Disability Services office signIt’s that time of year! Time to register for the spring 2017 semester! If you are already approved for accommodations with us, please contact your Disability Counselor as soon as you are registered to request your accommodation forms early. Getting your forms early is one less thing to worry about before the semester starts in January!

Call Disability Services at 704-330-6621 and ask to speak to your Disability Counselor or contact your Disability Counselor directly by email to request your accommodation forms.

Are you new to Disability Services and need to make your initial accommodation request? We accept accommodation requests all year! Read our Guidelines and Procedures handout to learn more about making your initial request. Still have questions? Contact us!

We wish you all the best for final exams and during the holiday season! We look forward to working with you in spring 2017!

Need your accommodations for spring 2016 classes? Contact your Disability Counselor as soon as you are registered!

It is open enrollment for the spring 2016 semester and it is time to register! Check your CPCC student account online to find out your registration date and register as soon as possible.

If you are registered with Disability Services for accommodations, contact your Disability Counselor as soon as you are registered for classes. Students who are registered with Disability Services should follow the Steps for Students Who Have a Disability Counselor on our website. We can complete your accommodation forms before the new semester starts. Get ahead of the game by getting your forms done early! Contact your Disability Counselor today!

If you are a student who would like to make your first request for academic accommodations at CPCC, please follow our process and procedures to request accommodations that is posted on our website or visit us on campus. We have two main office locations at the Central and Levine campuses, but we can meet with students at any of the satellite campuses. New requests can be submitted at any time. Please contact us if you have any questions or visit our website for more information:

Good luck as you finish the fall semester! We look forward to working with in spring 2016!

Planning to attend CPCC in the fall and need accommodations? Directions for new students to request accommodations from CPCC Disability Services.

If you are a new CPCC student and have not made a request for accommodations at CPCC in the past, here are directions for requesting academic accommodations:

1. Self-identify and submit documentation: You must submit your documentation of your disability to Disability Services by one of the following ways:

(Not sure what to submit as documentation? Read our Process and Procedures starting on page 2 to learn more.)

 CPCC Disability Services
Central Campus, Terrell Room 219
P.O. Box 35009
Charlotte, NC 28235
In person: Central Campus, Terrell Room 219 or Levine Campus Room 2223

2. Complete a Student Intake Form: This will be used during your first meeting with a Disability Counselor. It can be submitted prior to the appointment or at the time of the appointment. The form can be found on our website by clicking here or by visiting Disability Services on campus.

3. Student will be contacted by a Disability Counselor: Accommodation requests will be discussed during the initial meeting between the student and the Disability Counselor.

Click here to read more about our process and procedures

Please note, the process of being approved for accommodations can take a minimum of 1-2 weeks. Submitting your documentation in a timely manner is strongly suggested in order for accommodation requests to be reviewed and arrangements be made once a student is approved for accommodations.

For more information please visit the Disability Services website.

Summer and Fall 2015 Registration! How to prepare for your next semester at CPCC with Disability Services

Written by Laurie Jachym, Disability Counselor

Are you planning to take classes in the summer or fall 2015 semester? Are you also planning to use accommodations in your next semester of classes? If your answer is yes to both of these questions, here are some tips from Disability Services to help you prepare to register and receive accommodations:

  • Get advised! Working with an advisor to choose your courses is very important. We suggest meeting with your advisor as soon as possible once you have decided to take classes at CPCC. The closer it gets to registration opening the more difficult it can be to get an appointment with an advisor! Click here to find your advisor at CPCC.
  • Returning students: Contact your Disability Counselor. Your Disability Counselor can “advise on the advising” to help you fine tune your schedule based on your individual needs. Some things to consider are how many classes to take in a semester, time of day to take classes, and scheduling break time in between classes.
  • Register for classes. Use CPCC’s Schedule Builder to pick your classes.
  • Request your accommodation forms from your Disability Counselor.Contact your Disability Counselor to inform him/her that you are registered for classes and need your accommodation forms.

Don’t wait until the last minute! Get started today to ensure you get the classes you want for summer and fall 2015! Don’t forget, we are here to help! Please contact Disability Services if you have questions.

If you want to learn more about the process of requesting accommodations at CPCC, click here and learn how to take the first step towards registering with Disability Services for academic accommodations.

Ready to enroll for spring 2015? Tips for our students to prepare for the spring semester.

Written by Laurie Jachym, Disability Counselor

As the fall semester is coming to a close, it’s time to start thinking about NEXT semester! Spring 2015! There are many factors to consider when you are choosing classes….online vs. on campus, time of day, number of credits, location of classes, what classes to take…..It takes some preparation but there is help and support for you as you are registering! Here are some tips to help you register for your classes:

1. Find out when you can register! Check your student email account for your registration date. Here is the link to important registration information. Register as soon as you can because classes fill up FAST!

2. Meet with an advisor.

  • If you are a current student and have not picked a program of study yet, meet with an Academic Advisor at any of the CPCC campuses. Click here for their website.
  • If you are a current student and have declared a program of study you need to meet with your faculty advisor. Check your MyCollege account if you are not sure who is your faculty advisor. Click here for contact information for faculty advisors.

3. After you are advised, meet with your Disability Counselor to review your recommended courses. The Disability Counselor can help you fine tune your schedule by taking into account your academic strengths and weaknesses, accessibility issues, and your disability.


  • If you need help registering for the first time First Year Experience can help you! On Central Campus, they are located in Central High room 110 and the number is 704-330-6100 
  • All students can visit the campus Student Success Center for registration help.

5. Once you have registered for classes, contact your Disability Counselor to arrange for your spring accommodation forms to be completed and picked up. Contact the office to schedule an appointment with your Disability Counselor.

6. If you have not been assigned to a Disability Counselor yet and you wish to receive academic accommodations at CPCC, follow our guidelines and procedures handout to get more information on submitting your documentation to our office.

Please let us know how we can help during registraton! Please visit our website, call, or visit our office for more information about our services!

Are you taking summer classes and need accommodations? Let us know!

Summer 2014 semester starts May 21st

If you want to use your approved academic accommodations for the summer semester, please contact your Disability Counselor to receive your accommodation forms once you have registered for classes. Here is more information about how to receive your accommodation forms from your Disability Counselor:

Patricia Adams
Levine Campus, covers Harper campus
704-330-2722 ext 7279
Email counselor in advance to pick up accommodation forms.

Rachel Megahan
Central Campus, covers Merancas and Cato campuses
Call or email for an appointment. Walk-ins accepted when available.

Sally Herlong
Central Campus
704-330-2722 EXT 3461
Call or email for an appointment. Can meet by appointment only.

Laurie Jachym
Central Campus, covers Harris campus every 4th Thursday of the month
704-330-2722 EXT 3468
Call or email for an appointment. Walk-ins accepted when available.

If you wish to receive accommodations and have not been approved by Disability Services yet, please submit your documentation to our office. Click here for a link to our Documentation Requirements handout, which includes information of our process of how to register with Disability Services for accommodations and details about what documentation we will accept.

Still have questions? Call us or walk-in to our office! 704-330-6621We are located on Central Campus in Terrell 219.

Summer office hours for May 12-July 18:

Monday-Thursday 7:30am-6:00pm

**Campus is closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday during this time frame and will return to the regular campus schedule starting July 21.**

We look forward to working with you this summer! If you are taking the summer off, we wish you a relaxing and enjoyable break! Contact us when you return!

It’s time to register for the summer and fall 2014 semesters! Information for students registered with Disability Services.

CPCC priority registration summer and fall 2014
CPCC priority registration summer and fall 2014
Are you planning to take classes this summer and/or fall? Then it’s time to prepare to register! You should have already received an email from CPCC with details about when you can register for classes. Here are some important dates to remember!
Priority registration period is April 25-May 4
Open registration begins May 5th
Registration for summer classes ends on May 20th
Registration for fall classes ends August 17th
Classes fill up FAST so make sure to register as soon as possible!
Students who are registered with Disability Services are encouraged to first meet with an Academic Advisor to receive advisement on their courses. Then, students should also meet with their Disability Counselor. Disability Counselors are not Academic Advisors, but they can make suggestions regarding a student’s courseload, scheduling, and to give the student feedback on course selections. Disability Counselors can also discuss with students how their accommodations may or may not apply to each of their classes.
To meet with your Disability Counselor, please contact them directly by phone or email, or you can contact our main office as a walk-in or by phone.
Disability Services office number 704-330-6621
Central Campus Terrell room 219
Levine Campus room 2223
Please let us know how we can help you as you prepare for your next semester at CPCC!