Disability Services Online Training Now Available in Learner Web for Staff and Faculty

Disability Services is now offering online training in Learner Web for PD credit!

Click here to take the training!

This training will cover the following topics:

  • The college’s rights and responsibilities related to the ADA and students with disabilities
  • The process for students to request accommodations at the college
  • Information about disabilities and accommodations
  • How and when to refer students to Disability Services
  • Information about Disability Services staff and locations

For Faculty and Staff: Disability Services Drop-In Sessions for Fall 2015 Semester

To all CPCC Faculty and Staff, you are invited to drop-in and speak with Disability Services to have your questions answered! Staff from our department can answer your questions about accommodations, the ADA, how to refer students to us, and much more! Have a student disability scenario you need help with? Ask us!

Here’s the drop-in schedule for fall 2015:

September 29th from 2-3pm Central Campus, Elizabeth Building, Room 1110

October 20th from 2-3pm Cato Campus, Room 167

November 17th from 2-3pm Levine Campus, Room 2303

Sign up in Learner Web for each of the dates for 1 PD credit!

We look forward to answering your questions and providing you support!

Can’t make it to a drop-in but you have questions? Call or email us!

You can also visit our website at www.cpcc.edu/disabilities

New Accommodation Form Starting Fall 2015

Disability Services is phasing in a new system in the department, which means the accommodation form has changed. You may still come across the “old” carbon copy version of the accommodation form, but the new form will be showing up more and more over the course of this current semester. It is a paper copy form. Here is more information about our new process with accommodation forms:

  • The student must request their accommodation forms each semester that they are taking classes.
  • The student is issued an accommodation form for each registered class.
  • The Disability Counselor completes the form(s) with the student.
  • The form is signed by the Disability Counselor and the student.

Campus classes:
The student is responsible for delivering the form to the instructor. 
Online classes:
The Disability Counselor emails the instructor the form.  The Instructor keeps a copy for their records.


  • Once the instructor receives the accommodation form, the accommodations are considered active for that semester. Accommodations are not retroactive. Accommodations will only apply from the time the instructor receives the form forward.
  • Even if a student is approved to use accommodations, the student has the CHOICE whether or not they want to use the accommodations at any time.
  • Accommodations may not always apply, even if they are approved by Disability Services. In most cases they will apply, as along as the accommodation is reasonable for the class. If an instructor believes an accommodation is not reasonable for the class, the instructor should contact the Disability Counselor to discuss the concerns.
  • If a student requests to use an accommodation in class and they do not present an accommodation form to you, you are not required to accommodate the student. In that case, please refer the student to Disability Services.

Please visit our website for more information about our services or contact us at x6621 or disability.counselingservices@cpcc.edu


Faculty and Staff Resource Page Added to the Disability Services Website

The NEW Faculty and Staff Resource Page on the Disability Services website!

Please visit the website to learn more about your role and responsibilities to assist students with disabilities at CPCC. The college as a whole is responsible for ensuring equal access for all students in order to maintain compliance with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). So, we created this website to help you learn how to do your part. Here’s what you’ll find on the website:

  • The accommodation form procedure for faculty
  • Using the Disability Services Testing Center: Instructions for faculty
  • Referring students to Disability Services-Best practices for faculty and staff
  • FAQs for faculty and staff
  • Link to the NEW Disability Services online training for faculty and staff-PD credit (Offered in Fall 2015)

Still have questions after visiting the website? You can call, visit our office, or email us! Please visit our contact us page for information on our staff and locations. We look forward to working with the faculty and staff in the upcoming semester! Thank you!

Tips for Faculty: Online class accommodations

To the Faculty of CPCC,

Whether you are taking time off or still teaching (hopefully a light courseload!) during the summer term, Disability Services sends you well wishes for a relaxing summer!

With that being said….the fall semester will be here before you know it! Disability Services wants to help prepare faculty for working with students with disabilities for the upcoming fall term. This blog post focuses on online classes and working with students with disabilities to provide academic accommodations. Here’s a list of helpful tips to assist you as a faculty member:

1. Include a statement in the syllabus about Disability Services. This is something that all faculty are recommended to do as a best practice for informing their students about how to request accommodations through Disability Services. Click here to view CPCC’s syllabus statement for accommodations. Even in online classes, students may need to use accommodations to access the material.

2. Sign the accommodation form once it is sent to you and return it to the Disability Counselor. The form explains what accommodations are approved to be used by the student in your class. Accommodations are considered active once you sign the accommodation form. Clarify any questions about accommodations with the student and/or their Disability Counselor. The Disability Counselor is listed on the accommodation form.

3. If you are teaching an online class and require students to test on campus at some point during the semester, notify the testing center about students in your class(es) who are approved to use testing accommodations (such as extended time for testing) when you submit tests to the testing center. Generally, testing for online classes is done off campus. So as a result, the testing center is not notified about students who are approved for testing accommodations when they are registered for online classes. If you know this type of testing occurs in an online class and you are asked to sign an accommodation form for that class, please take the steps to ensure compliance with the student’s accommodations.

4. View the Disability Services website, Faculty and Staff Resources page, for more information on working with students with disabilities. Here you will find FAQs, directions for the accommodation form, tips for referring students to Disability Services, and directions for using the Disability Services Testing Center. Feel free to also look around the Disability Services website for more department information. We’ve recently updated our website content and will continue to update it, so check back often!

Anytime you have questions about accommodations, students with disabilities, or anything else related to Disability Services, please contact us! We are happy to help all staff and faculty at CPCC. You can visit us at our Central Campus (TE 219) or Levine Campus (room 2223) locations. Or by calling us at x6621. We look forward to working with you in the upcoming fall semester!

Financial Aid and Scholarships Available for Students with Disabilities

A common issue for any studnet is “How do I pay for college?” Students with disabilities are no exception! Fortunately, there are financial resources available specifically for students with disabilities. Affordable Colleges Online has a listing of these resources. Click here to find out what’s out there! Scholarship categories for students with disabilities include Autism/Asperger’s syndrome, blindness, deaf and hard of hearing, learning disability, mental illness, spinal disability, cystic fibrosis, epilepsey, hemophilia/bleeding disorders, and hydrocephalus.

Don’t wait to apply! Most scholarships have deadlines and they are competitive, so act quickly! If you have more questions, please contact the scholarships directly. Your Disability Counselor may also be able to assist you with your questions. Good luck!


Disability Services FAQ’S for Faculty

Are you a faculty member and you’re not sure what to do about issues related to Disability Services? You’re not alone! Here are some frequently asked questions from faculty regarding students with disabilities in the classroom.

Q. I suspect that a student in my class may have a disability. I have not received accommodation forms from Disability Services. How do I make a referral for this student?
A. First and foremost, do nothing for such a student that you would not do for any other student in your class, unless and until you receive a Disability Services Accommodations Form from the student that specifies appropriate accommodations. Disclosing a disability can be difficult for some students. The instructor can meet with the student and discuss the academic difficulties s/he has noticed and suggest all of the various on-campus resources that may assist the student, including Disability Services. Asking a student directly if they have a disability, even if it seems obvious, is not appropriate. The most proactive approach is to ensure that a disability statement is included on your syllabus indicating that if a student has a disability s/he should contact Disability Services. Students are responsible for self-disclosing their disability to Disability Services if requesting accommodations. A sample statement can be provided upon request.

Q. I have a student in my class who claims to have a disability and has requested accommodations. I have not received any official paperwork documenting the need to accommodate the student from Disability Services. Do I need to accommodate the student?
A. As stated above, without official notification from Disability Services, you should not accommodate the student. Since the student has self-disclosed his/her disability to you, it is appropriate then to ask the student if s/he is registered with Disability Services. If s/he is not, refer him/her to Disability Services to request accommodations. Even if the student claims to already be registered, s/he must present you with his/her Accommodation Form; refer him/her to meet with his/her assigned Disability Counselor to obtain an Accommodation Form for the class. Students are responsible for requesting their Accommodation Forms each semester they attend classes at the College.

Q. Should faculty evaluate students with disabilities any differently than they do the rest of the class?
A. All students, including those with disabilities, should be evaluated at the same level. The recommended accommodations are not in place to give students an advantage. Accommodations are designed to level the playing field and compensate for any barriers to the academic setting that a student with a disability may encounter.

Still have questions?? Call, email, or come by our office and we can help answer them!
Central Campus Terrell Room 219
Levine Campus Room 2223