Staff Spotlight: Rachel Megahan, Disability Counselor

Rachel with her 2 dogs

Written by Laurie Jachym

Rachel Megahan is currently the “Veteran” of the Disability Counselors. She has worked for Central Piedmont Community College for 5 years this July and has worked for the state of North Carolina for 9 years total this August.

Prior to working at CPCC, she previously worked for North Liberty School as a Language Facilitator for a deaf student with multiple disabilities and at Vocational Rehabilitation as a VR Counselor for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Unit. Her background and expertise is in Hearing Loss related disabilities (Deaf and Hard of Hearing). Rachel obtained her masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Auburn University, where she gained knowledge on a wide range of disabilities. Rachel has a unique background of education in the field as well as professional and personal experiences that have well prepared her for this position and make her a great fit for working with CPCC students.

When asked what she likes most about her job, Rachel said,

“I enjoy working with students.  I like making a difference for all of my students I work with.  The schedule is flexible and I do my best to be available for my students at any time during the day.”

Rachel is also very active and takes full advantage of the long breaks that CPCC offers! Her favorite activities to do in her downtime include hanging out with friends, bringing her dogs to the park for a swim, watching TV, walking and running, reading, and traveling.  She likes to travel to her hometown to visit her family farm as well.

She also loves experiencing new and different places. Here’s what she had to say about her big trip last year:

“Last summer, I went with a small group of people on a road trip out west for over 2 weeks.  We stopped so many places.  It was breath taking and amazing to see how in this one country can be so different from east coast to west coast.  It was worth it.”

Last but not least, Rachel wants people to know this about her:

“I love being at the happiest place on earth!  If I could get a trip to Disney like right now, I will do it in heartbeat.  One of my goals is to do a full marathon at Disney one day.  Only at Disney.  I NEVER did a full marathon and told everyone I will NEVER do one but at Disney, I will.  Somehow.”