Staff Spotlight: Laurie Jachym Disability Counselor

Written by Rachel Megahan

Laurie is a full time Disability Counselor on staff in our department.  She first started in August of 2012 as part time and became full time in January of 2014.  Prior coming to CPCC, she worked in the mental health field, which is her expertise.  She worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for total of about seven years.  She served variety age groups, mainly adults and provided therapy to assist them with working on their goals.

With a wealth experience in her previous jobs, she comes to CPCC to join this awesome staff to continue work with individuals with disabilities and to support them on their educational goals.  She has really enjoyed working with her students and learning from them.  She also had the opportunity to expand her horizons around this college doing projects and activities, representing us (again I must say) awesome people.

Laurie at Hilton Head last summer

Aside her hectic work life (hey hectic is still good), she remains active by playing sports such as volleyball, flag football and softball.  She likes to visit with her friends and her family.  She enjoys cooking, watching movies and listening to music.  In fact, there is one cool thing she is going to do this summer locally, going to see Dave Matthews Band.  Yep, that is where she will be!  If you are going to be there, look for her!  Oh and one more thing, she really likes going to beach.  So she can relax and be all re-fueled when she comes back to work again to this wonderful place called CPCC.

Lastly, Laurie loves to try new things especially food.  Food.  Be sure you remember that.  When you come in and see Laurie, don’t forget to let her know of any restaurant recommendations in this area!