New Accommodation Form Starting Fall 2015

Disability Services is phasing in a new system in the department, which means the accommodation form has changed. You may still come across the “old” carbon copy version of the accommodation form, but the new form will be showing up more and more over the course of this current semester. It is a paper copy form. Here is more information about our new process with accommodation forms:

  • The student must request their accommodation forms each semester that they are taking classes.
  • The student is issued an accommodation form for each registered class.
  • The Disability Counselor completes the form(s) with the student.
  • The form is signed by the Disability Counselor and the student.

Campus classes:
The student is responsible for delivering the form to the instructor. 
Online classes:
The Disability Counselor emails the instructor the form.  The Instructor keeps a copy for their records.


  • Once the instructor receives the accommodation form, the accommodations are considered active for that semester. Accommodations are not retroactive. Accommodations will only apply from the time the instructor receives the form forward.
  • Even if a student is approved to use accommodations, the student has the CHOICE whether or not they want to use the accommodations at any time.
  • Accommodations may not always apply, even if they are approved by Disability Services. In most cases they will apply, as along as the accommodation is reasonable for the class. If an instructor believes an accommodation is not reasonable for the class, the instructor should contact the Disability Counselor to discuss the concerns.
  • If a student requests to use an accommodation in class and they do not present an accommodation form to you, you are not required to accommodate the student. In that case, please refer the student to Disability Services.

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