Spring 2017

CPCC Student Spotlight: Nick Blankenship

How long have you been a student at CPCC?

“2 years.”

When did you start dancing and why?

“I started pretty late.  I really wanted to take dance classes as a child, but none of the studios had any male teachers or students. In high school, I started taking a class at a recreational center in Athens, Ohio when the teacher told me I should take classes at a local studio called Factory Street. I had always wanted to take dance because I really enjoy the act of movement, expressing myself and communicating with others in a different way.”

What are your favorite styles of dance?

“I started with hip hop, but I grew to love modern and jazz dance techniques.  I am really passionate about choreography and making my own work.  Composition classes and workshops are my favorite to study.”

Why did you decide to enroll at CPCC?

“Because I started training late I felt the need to study more before entering a 4 year college dance program.  I wasn’t for sure where I wanted to go or what direction I wanted to take in the field of dance.  CPCC has given me the time to explore my options while focusing on building my technique.  I’ve also had the opportunity to perform in the CPCC Dance Theatre concerts.”

Besides performance, what else about dance excites you? What other aspects of dance would you like to explore?

“I really love film! I would love to study cinematography and explore dance film, which is becoming a popular way to access movement. I would also love to explore making my own music and soundscapes.  I see myself in the future doing more performance art pieces than technical dance works.  I would love to get to a point where I’m not only creating movement, but music as well, and including film in some way.  My work is more multi-disciplinary.”

What would you say to a prospective student who was considering becoming a dance major at CPCC?

“Being a dance major at CPCC has exposed me to the many directions I could take in the future. From advancing my technical abilities to performance opportunities, I was given the freedom to try new things and explore the many different facets of dance.  Also being a dance student at CPCC, I have built connections within the dance community in Charlotte which has given me more opportunities to study, intern, and perform.”