Welcome to Global Cuisines

Project Description. The project goal is to facilitate a world cultural understanding to Central Piedmont Community College students without the requirement and expenses of traveling abroad. CPCC and its partner institution, Universidad Catolica San Pablo, en Arequipa -Peru, collaborate in offering two sessions of their Global Cuisines course in the spring 2013 semester. Sessions are to be facilitated through a synchronous tool via a shared virtual classroom with students and faculty from both countries.

GL -Virtual Outcomes. The outcomes for the Global Learning Virtual are:

  • To facilitate collaboration with students from other countries,
  • participate in dialogues about the same subject from different cultural perspectives,
  • open student’s understanding to different global realities,
  • support the CPCC CORE4 competencies; Critical Thinking, Communication, Technology, and Personal Growth.

CPCC Baking II -CUL 260. This course is designed to further students’ knowledge in ingredients, weights and measures, baking terminology and formula calculation. Topics include classical desserts, frozen desserts, cake and torte production, decorating and icings/glazes, dessert plating and presentation. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate pastry preparation, plating, and dessert buffet production skills. This course is a continuation of CUL 160. Topics include specialty breads, pastillage, marzipan, chocolate, pulled-sugar, confections, classic desserts, pastries, and cake decorating. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate pastry preparation and plating, cake decorating, and show-piece production skills

CPCC Instructor: Chef, Kimberly Stoll


CPCC Support Staff:

  • Nadine Russell, Director of Global Learning: project director.
  • Catalina Ramirez, Director of Levine Campus Administration and Heather Homesley -Global Learning: project coordinators.
  • Gary Ritter, Executive Director of Learning Technology: technology support coordinator.
  • Kristofer Motto, Director of Digital Media Services: technology facilitator and support.

Partner Institution

Universidad Católica San Pablo, Arequipa –Perú


Meeting Dynamics. The Baking II course will have two global sessions in Fall 2013.

First session:

Date: Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Time: 10am – 11am EST

Location: CPCC -CA200

During this first connection students will be baking recipes from their native countries. The first 30 minutes, CPCC students will be demonstrating their baking, the second half hour, Peruvian students will be demonstrating their baking

Second session:

Date: Wednesday, November 13th 9th, 2013

Time: 10am – 11am EST

Location: CPCC -LT1140

This second connection will occur one week after the baking demonstration. Therefore, students from each country will have the opportunity to bake and practice the recipes from the foreign country. This second session will be a round table to share their experiences: what worked, what didn’t, challenges, etc.

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