Thank You!

The CRITICAL CORE team would like to thank everyone who recently participated in one of our faculty focus group sessions. We are very appreciative of your input, which will help us further refine the Key Indicators associated with each of the CRITICAL CORE competencies. Our efforts are truly faculty-led, and your thoughts and comments are always welcome!

Upcoming Faculty Focus Groups – We Need Your Feedback!

Faculty Focus Groups
Alignment of General Education and CORE4

CPCC recognizes that higher education must provide students with the critical knowledge and skills required for academic and career success. The CRITICAL CORE initiative refers to student competency in the following areas: critical thinking, communication, personal growth and responsibility, and information technology and quantitative literacy, and reflects the alignment of the General Education Foundation and the CORE4 in an explicit manner that articulates the teaching and evaluation of these competencies.

Faculty Liaison Teams (cross-disciplinary groups of faculty, organized by CRITICAL CORE competency) have worked this semester to identify key indicators for each CRITICAL CORE competency. To ensure appropriate opportunity for faculty input, members of the CRITICAL CORE Initiative are hosting Focus Groups on each of the CPCC campuses. For each competency area, we are asking faculty to share thoughts regarding the extent to which the key indicators (identified by the Faculty Liaison Teams) are appropriate measures of the competency area. Faculty Liaison Teams will receive the survey data, and consider modifications as appropriate. The data will be revisited as necessary during the Fall 2016 Pilot.

Please consider attending one of these Faculty Focus Groups, as faculty input is an important part of ensuring that the CRITICAL CORE initiative reflects faculty consensus, engagement, and ultimately, student success. Participants may register in LearnerWeb, in order to receive Professional Development training credit.

Monday, March 14th:
Central Campus – 10:00am (Presenter: Terina Lathe), Hall 304
Central Campus – 2:00pm (Presenter: Chris Brawley), Hall 306
Levine Campus – 10:00am (Presenter: Shantell Strickland-Davis), LV2301

Tuesday, March 15th:
Harper Campus – 11am (Presenters: Jeri Guido and Carl Arrington), HP350
Harris Campus – 2:00pm (Presenters: Jeri Guido and Carl Arrington), Room 2127

Wednesday, March 16th:
Cato Campus – 11:00am (Presenter: Chris Flowers) CT265
Merancas Campus – 2:00pm (Presenter: Chris Flowers) CJ137