Welcome to the Fall 2015 Term!

Elizabeth Classroom BuildingAs we gear up for the fall 2015 semester – classes begin Monday, August 17 – we want to share some important reminders to help you during the first week of class. Remember, CPCC is a tobacco-free college. All tobacco products (including anything resembling tobacco products, such as e-cigarettes) are prohibited everywhere at all times. We thank you for your cooperation.

Here are the eight essential things you need to know to be prepared for the new semester:

1. Attend class on the first day. Download the new CPCC app and use your CPCC Login to view your class schedule from My College (or go to http://mycollege.cpcc.edu to print your schedule). Bring a copy of your class schedule to ensure that the location has not changed. Note both the campus and building name for your classes. Look for information tables on campus to help you locate your classrooms or answer questions.

PLEASE NOTE: Tuesday (8/18) is the last day to add a full semester class without permission. The twelve-week session begins September 14 and the second eight week session begins October 14. Check CPCC Schedule Builder at https://schedule.cpcc.edu/myschedule/ for course availability.

2. Plan to arrive early to allow enough time to park and find your class. Traffic is heavy during the first two weeks of class.  Download the new CPCC app to see campus maps or visit http://www.cpcc.edu/campuses for information about each campus and follow #cpccparking on Twitter for the latest updates. Be aware of the new CATS CityLYNX Gold Line streetcar/trolley that’s now running up and down Elizabeth Avenue. Watch the City of Charlotte’s online safety podcast (and earn a FREE t-shirt!) to stay safe on and around the streetcar system.

3. Park only in areas designated for CPCC students. Local businesses do enforce towing.  Student parking decals are available at any campus Cashiering office during regular operating hours and in Central High Room 122 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Friday during the first two weeks of school.

Parking decals must be displayed by August 31.

4. Use your CPCC Login to access My College (http://mycollege.cpcc.edu/) to find important information such as residency status, priority registration dates, enrollment verification, critical alert information, your student ID number and much more!

5. Pay your tuition by the due date to avoid being dropped from your classes. As of now, payment is now due the day of registration. For payment information and due dates visit CPCC Cashiering (http://www.cpcc.edu/cashiering/tuition-payment-dates).  Log into My College (http://mycollege.cpcc.edu/) to view your fall 2015 tuition bill.

6. You will need your student ID to check out materials from the Library, use the testing and fitness centers, or access the computer labs on campus. Student Identification Card information is available online.

7. Read CPCC Today, your student e-newsletter sent to your CPCC email every Wednesday or read it via the new CPCC app an. CPCC Today (http://www.cpcc.edu/cpcc-today) covers a wide range of useful information from registration, parking and payment to important dates and events.

8. Have you received your CPCC Debit Card? If you’re a new curriculum student registered for fall 2015 who receives financial aid, you will receive a CPCC Debit Card. Remember this is NOT a credit card but a refund only card. Once you receive your card, follow the included instructions and select your refund choice. Keep your card in a safe place even if you do not expect a refund this semester, as there is a replacement card fee.

If you have not received your card, make sure you have updated your address through MyCollege (http://mycollege.cpcc.edu/).  For more information, visit www.cpccdebitcard.com. If you have any questions regarding the CPCC debit card, please contact Higher One at 1.866.782.0821 or the cashiering office at 704.330.6964.

Thank you for using your CPCC email account; it is the official means of college email communication to you so please check your account often. You can now access your CPCC email account through the new CPCC app!

We are here to assist you and are ready to help you reach your academic goals. If you have any questions, call the CPCC Information Center at 704.330.2722 or visit the Student Success Center on your campus.

-Enrollment and Student Services (http://www.cpcc.edu/ess)

The CityLYNX Gold Line is Here! Watch the Safety Podcast to Earn a Free T-Shirt!

The CityLYNX Gold Line, Charlotte’s new rail service (trolley car) is now servicing CPCC’s Central Campus! The Gold Line is a free service; therefore, students do not need a ticket to rideIt runs every 15 to 20 minutes from Time CityLYNX is HEre!Warner Cable Arena to Novant Presbyterian Medical Center, along Elizabeth Avenue.

Operating Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Friday: 6 a.m. to midnight
Saturday: 8 a.m. to midnight
Sunday:  9 a.m. – 7 p.m.

When on or around the rail vehicle, please remember the following:

•   Park only in designated spaces. Even if just for a few minutes, do not park your car on Elizabeth Avenue if there is not an official parking space.

•   Your entire vehicle, including mirrors, must be within the solid white parking lines. Incorrectly parked cars will be subject to a citation and towing.

•   Cyclists should cross the tracks at a 90 degree angle to avoid getting wheels stuck or crashing.

•   Cross only at designated crosswalks.

•   Do not cross in front of a streetcar. Even if the streetcar is stopped. Wait for the streetcar to pass before you cross.

•   Watch your heels. Step over the tracks to avoid catching your shoe in the track gap.

Your safety is our #1 priority. Use the information above or watch the City of Charlotte’s online safety podcast (and earn a FREE T-shirt!) to stay safe on and around the streetcar system. For more safety information, please visit: http://charmeck.org/city/charlotte/cats/lynx/Pages/rail-safety.aspx


Look, Listen and Live! CATS Now Testing for the New CityLYNX Gold Line; Watch Podcast for a Free T-shirt!

CATS is now testing for the new CityLYNX Gold Line. Your safety is our #1 priority. Use the information below or watch the City of Charlotte’s online safety podcast (and earn a FREE T-shirt!) to stay safe on and around the streetcar system. CityLYNX Now Testing

Look, Listen and Live! 

  • Streetcars run in the same travel lanes as other vehicles. Listen for whistles, bells or horns.
  • It is ok to drive on the streetcar tracks. Stay alert!
  • Streetcars cannot stop as quickly as you can. Streetcars traveling at 16 mph take almost 100 feet to stop.
  • Streetcars cannot swerve out of the way of pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles. It is your responsibility to stay out of the streetcar’s path.
  • Obey all traffic signs and signals. They are there for your safety, not as an inconvenience.
  •  Cross only at designated crosswalks. There are clearly marked signs showing you safe areas to cross the street.
  •  Do not cross the street in front of a streetcar. Even if the streetcar is stopped. Wait for the streetcar to pass before you cross.
  •  Safety starts with YOU! Report all suspicious packages, activities, and/or persons on the streetcar.
Tips for Drivers: 
  • Park your entire vehicle within the solid white parking lines. Incorrectly parked cars will be subject to a citation and towing.
  •  Look for streetcars before making a right turn at a red light. Streetcars are quiet and you may not hear them coming.
  •  Do not attempt to pass a streetcar. The streetcar may block your line of sight. Be alert for people entering and exiting the streetcar at all times
  • Follow the streetcar at a safe distance. Be prepared to stop.
  • Do not make a turn from the adjacent lane or center lane in front of the streetcar.​
Tips for Cyclists:
  • Cross tracks at a right angle or walk your bike across. Cyclists are more likely to get their wheels stuck or crash when crossing the tracks at an angle of less than 90 degrees.
  • Wet tracks can be slippery. Take caution. Sometimes it’s safer to walk your bike across.
  •   Use the green bike boxes to make left hand turns. Never enter an intersection against the traffic signals.
  •  Be aware of the door zone. This is the space occupied by an open door between moving vehicles and parked cars.
  • Never stop on the tracks.

 * A limited number of T-shirts are available, so watch the podcast today to ensure you receive yours.

Traffic to be Impacted Near Central Campus Feb. 19 – 25

Please be advised that the City of Charlotte will be starting the next section of the trolley project along Elizabeth Avenue.  The intersections at Kings Drive and Elizabeth Avenue, along with the intersection at 7th Street and Kings Dr., will be effected starting February 19, 2013, to February 25, 2013. This work is required to install the underground utilities. Directional barricades will be installed to direct vehicular traffic as needed.