CPCC Adds Technical German Class

The Charlotte region is home to more than 250 companies from German-speaking Europe. These companies represent a variety of fields, including engineering, manufacturing and automotive; and are interested in employees with German Flagboth a working knowledge of their industry and the German language. To address this growing workforce trend, Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) has added a new Technical German class to its already impressive list of non-degree, Corporate and Continuing Education courses.

The new class – Technical German I – will serve as an addition to the college’s four existing German levels, offered through its for-credit, curriculum program.

During class, students will further develop their basic conversational skills, learn about the cultural characteristics of the German workplace and develop basic reading abilities.

“By placing a focus on acquiring a German vocabulary and exploring the business culture of companies from German speaking Europe, we are able to better prepare our students for today’s workforce,” said Daniela Weinert, discipline chair for the German program at CPCC. “Many employees working in German companies have to deal with specifications and manuals written in German, as well as interact with German-speaking colleagues. Our new Technical German classes will teach our students how to tackle these situations with ease and better prepare them for success as working professionals.”

After finishing the new Technical German classes, students will receive a certificate of completion. CPCC will begin offering the classes in spring 2015. To learn more about the college’s new Technical German class, please visit https://services.cpcc.edu/cceoutlines/GER7000/.