NC STEM Alliance Symposium

Great job to all North Carolina STEM Fellows who participated in the North Carolina STEM SymposiumAlliance Research Day- April 13. A special thank you to all the faculty/staff that assisted the Fellows through their research experience!!!


             Pollution’s Impact on Water Quality for Animals

            Fellows: Jennifer Tejeda and Robert Harley III

Research Advisor: David Privette, Science Department

Acute and Chronic Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury

Fellows: Giamarie Santana, Ulyssa Robertson and Saul Tolentino

Research Advisor: Jocelyn Cash, Science Department

3D Printing of Organic Scaffold Shows Promise for Natural Tissue Regeneration

Fellow: Eduardo Duran, Johannes Mosby, Dayani Williams

Research Advisor: Lauren Jackson, Science Department

Bremsstrahlung Radiation Produced by Beta Particles Incident on Thick Targets

Fellows: Julian Yucom, Reece Gamble and Marqus Parker

Research Advisor: Carlos Roldan, PhD, Science Department

Feasibility of Creating a Self-Sustaining Ecosystem

Fellow: Allena Opoku, Cindy Galvan, Nasirah Richardson and Briany Santos

Research Advisor: Kimberly Miller, Science Department

Pharmaceutical Ethics in Advertising

Fellow: Taylor Patterson

Research Advisor: Karen Garner, Health Sciences Department


            Artificial Intelligence: Technology of the Future

            Fellows: Sabeer Jones, Jonathan Jeremie, Ja’Quasha Holloway

Research Advisor: Carlos Vasconcellos, IT Professional

Implementing a Security Policy

            Fellows: Christina Chaffin, Tyshawn Walters and Marc Bittle

Research Advisor: Joseph Little and Carl Arrington, IT Department

Smart Parking Garage

            Fellows: Jose Cruz, Romeo Cross and Kara Richardson

Research Advisor: Don Michael, ITS Department


           Amazing Drones

            Fellows: Luis Anguiano, Roosevelt Pitts and Jordan Wright

Research Advisor: Fred Gore, Engineering Technologies Department

           Advancements in Battery Technology: Lithium-ion vs. Solid-State

Fellows: Richard Evans, Tomas Ortiz, David Gamble

Research Advisor: Markus Moore, Professional Engineering

Artificial Heart

            Fellows: Dominic Ham, Alyssa Floyd and Austin Perez

Research Advisor: Claude Hargrove,PhD, Engineering Department

            Hover Vehicle

            Fellows: Nicholas Harris and Abraham Torres

Research Advisor: Bingqi “Thomas” Zhang, PhD, Engineering Department

WiFi Weather Station Powered by Raspberry Pi

            Fellows: Andre Hidalgo and Bryce Henry

Research Advisor: Adam Harris, PhD, Engineering Department