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It’s EASY! Making print setting changes only takes a couple of clicks.  Here are some simple measures to make your printing more sustainable:  Print ONLY when necessary — ask yourself: “Do I REALLY need that copy?” Don’t print meeting agendas — send them electronically and include in your slide or PowerPoint presentation Print in duplex […]

On April 23, 2016 (Earth Day), Sustain Charlotte hosted their 5th annual celebration of sustainability leadership. On hundred nominees representing a diverse cross section of Charlotte area businesses, nonprofits, neighborhood organizations, government agencies and residents were recognized. CPCC won FIRST PLACE in the Energy category due to aggressively reducing its energy consumption by 15 percent […]

CPCC FACILITIES SERVICES IS COMMITTED TO SAVING ENERGY AND SUSTAINABILITY! If you have any questions, contact Pam Metcalf, director of Energy and Sustainability, at 704.330.6079.

Facilities Services and the CPCC Senators have rolled out a program for recycling used markers of all types (dry erase for white boards, sharpies, highlighters, magic markers, felt tip markers/pens). We ask that you identify a convenient, centrally-located collection point (copier or break room, touch-down office, etc. or even on the white board marker tray […]

CPCC did not win an Oscar this year, but in 2015, it did win three awards for being sustainable.  You can view the trailer here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUwNpkZxOk4 To help CPCC be even more GREEN and save ENERGY in 2016: Let’s do a BIG SHORT on energy costs Turn off the SPOTLIGHT when you leave your ROOM […]

  GCA Services is committed to increasing CPCC’s recycling and waste diversion rate. They recently held a recycling poster contest for their housekeeping staff and distributed personally written recycling messages to building occupants where their staff works.  Continue to watch for more great things from GCA housekeeping staff in the future. Some facts about CPCC’s […]

CPCC’s temperature standards are 74F in the summer and 70F in the winter. As we are approaching the transition from winter to spring, there may be fluctuations in your work area. You are free to bring a personal fan to CPCC if you are warm, but electric space heaters are not allowed except for medical […]

CPCC has reduced its energy consumption 15% since 2006 while at the same time, the square footage of the college has grown by 33%.  Let’s get EXCITED and keep up the GREAT WORK! CPCC IS COMMITTED TO RECYCLING, SAVING ENERGY AND SUSTAINABILITY! CPCC’s Director of Energy and Sustainability, Pamela Metcalf, is engaged in facilities efficiency, […]

EARTH CLUB is  an outdoor exploration club with the goal to inspire and appreciate interests in sustainability and the environment. Join us to learn more about the club and enjoy an organic Pizza Party on February 23 at 5 p.m. in the Sustainability Lab, fourth floor of the Elizabeth Classroom Building. Please contact Amanda Wilkinson […]

Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Top 10 reasons to recycle: Good for our economy Creates jobs Reduces waste Good for the environment Saves energy Preserves landfill space Prevents global warming Reduces water pollution Protects wildlife Creates new demand References: http://www.starkstate.edu/green/reasons-to-recycle […]

CPCC is The Charlotte Chamber GreenWorks Council’s  2015 Wells Fargo Green Awards winner in the large business category.  This award “….recognizes companies that have incorporated innovative, sustainable practices into their products, services, and within the culture of their company. We believe the experiences shared and benefits realized by these Charlotte area businesses have the power […]

Please vote today for CPCC to Win the Charlotte Chamber Wells Fargo Green Award! The online vote is here! Please send the link below to as many contacts as you can. The link and online voting goes live now through Friday, October 23. www.charlottechamber.com/greenawards  CPCC was recently notified that it was one of three finalists […]

On April 22 (Earth Day), Sustain Charlotte hosted their 4th annual celebration of sustainability leadership. 100 nominees representing a diverse cross section of Charlotte area businesses, nonprofits, neighborhood organizations, government agencies, and residents were recognized.  CPCC won FIRST PLACE in the Waste Reduction category due to its increase in recycling and its new food waste […]

            If you have any questions, contact Pam Metcalf, director of Energy and Sustainability, at 704.330.6079.    

Three short films will be shown and discussed at this film festival that will look at important local and statewide pollution problems.  Participants include June Blotnick, from Clean Air Carolinas; Sam Perkins, from Catawba Riverkeeper; Dr. Rose Mary Seymour, director, CPCC Center for Sustainability; and John Downey, with the Charlotte Business Journal. Attend this event to better […]