Lead With A Purpose: Emerging Student Leaders Program Accepting Applications

Now is the time for leaders who lead with integrity and create positive change.  If you want to increase your leadership knowledge and enhance your skills, the Emerging Student Leaders Program was designed just for you.

Emerging Student Leaders is a six-week, transformational student leadership development training program. Through self-awareness, team building, values, and communication development activities, the program will prepare you to identify and build your leadership skills, define your purpose, and create a network of support amongst fellow students and across Central Piedmont. For completing the program, you receive a certificate and a badge to include on your social media.
Two cohort groups of Emerging Leaders will be offered in fall 2020. Sessions for the first cohort group will meet Tuesday, September 15–Tuesday, October 20.

All great leaders must first possess the ability to lead themselves in order to lead others. Apply today! The application deadline for the first cohort group is September 10.

How to Determine When You Report to Campus

To determine if your classes are online, a mixture of online and in-person, or completely in-person, follow these steps:

  1. Log into MyCollege.
  2. Select ‘Student Planning.’
  3. Select ‘Go to Plan and Schedule.’
  4. Make sure the term at the top of this page says ‘Fall 2020.’
  5. Click on the ‘Print’ button.

This page will give you the clearest view of how your class will be delivered. You can print, print to PDF, or screen capture the schedule from a phone. Please note:

  • In the ‘Location’ column, if you only see ONLINE for that section, there will be no on-campus instruction.
  • If you see only campus buildings and rooms, that class will only meet in-person at the location(s) listed.
  • If you see both ONLINE and a campus building and room, that class will have a mixture of in-person and online instruction.

Also, please note that even with in-person classes, most students will report to campus a limited amount of times. To find out if and when you report to campus:

  1. Log into MyCollege.
  2. Select ‘Student Planning.’
  3. Select ‘Go to Plan and Schedule.’
  4. Make sure the term  says ‘Fall 2020.’
  5. In the “Meeting Information” section, you may have both in-person dates as well as online dates. This means you are in a hybrid or blended course.
  6. Select the course title. Learn more about the course in the “Additional Information” section.


Return to Campus Guide for Students

Whether your classes are online, completely in-person, or a mixture of both, the college is committed to providing a safe environment for our students to learn this fall semester. All Central Piedmont students are expected to follow the protocols and practices outlined in the Student Guide for Returning to Campus. These have been put in place to keep all of us safe when on campus.

By working together – wearing face coverings, practicing social distancing, washing our hands frequently, staying home if we feel ill, and keeping our campus spaces clean – we can make the resumption of on-campus classes a success while keeping everyone safe.

Please take the time to read the guide carefully before returning to campus for scheduled classes. The majority of students should not come to campus on August 10 – please check with your instructor or review the step-by-step instructions to determine if and when your class meets on campus.

Please Visit the college’s COVID-19 Web page for the most up-to-date information related to the coronavirus, including our plans to safely return to campus.

Name Changes for College’s Two Largest Units

Central Piedmont recently re-named the college’s two largest units to better align with other institutions across the nation. The Learning Unit is now called Academic Affairs, and the Enrollment and Student Services Unit is now called Student Affairs. These new unit names also reinforce our unified and focused vision in helping our students reach their academic, personal, and career goals.

Academic Affairs places learning first and is committed to delivering an exceptional educational experience that prepares students to become leaders in their professions and communities.

Student Affairs assists with campus-wide programming and offers a variety of support services designed to positively impact the student experience at each Central Piedmont campus.

While these unit names have changed, our dedicated staff and faculty are always here to help you reach your full potential by connecting you to the many services, resources, and academic programs available at Central Piedmont.