NC STEM Alliance Visit Broadcom and IBM

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NC STEM Alliance students take a visit to one of the most prominent IT companies in the world, IBM located in Charlotte. Students in the program had the opportunity to meet the professionals behind the development of CryptoCards.






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NC STEM Alliance students take a visit to Broadcom, one of the top 10 engineering companies in the country. Broadcom’s products include: virtual keyboarding, laser corrective eye surgery technology, barcode scanning, 3D Gesture, and more! Students in the program suited up, and had the opportunity to step into a lab and admire the process of innovating those products.

STEM Prep is Now Accepting Applications for Summer Session

Apply by June 1, 2017

STEM Prep is a North Carolina STEM Alliance academic enrichment program for current CPCC students and high school 11th and 12th graders who are interested in pursuing bachelor’s degrees in science, technology, STEM Prepengineering or mathematic disciplines. STEM Prep participants are enrolled in non-credit courses that provide them with project-based learning experiences. Upon completion of STEM Prep, participants will:

  • Gain increased familiarity with current practices in STEM fields
  • Illustrate preparedness for a successful transition into STEM studies at the college level
  • Participate in a coordinated exploration of careers in their targeted STEM focus area

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