Precautions About Date Rape Drugs

There have been multiple recent reports of people in Charlotte area nightclubs consuming drinks that have been spiked with date rape drugs. These drugs, sometimes referred to as “roofies,” can incapacitate a person, leaving them vulnerable to a sexual assault or rape.  

Please use reasonable precautions to avoid consuming a spiked drink.  Go out with trusted friends, and watch out for each other.  Buy your own drink, do not leave your drink unattended, and do not accept a drink offered by a stranger.  Tell the manager or host if you think your drink has been spiked. 

If you suspect that a friend was given a spiked drink, tell the manager or host what happened.  Stay with your friend and watch their condition closely.  If their condition deteriorates, call 911 for medic and report the incident to the police.      

These CPCC campus resources are available to support our students if needed: 

·         Counseling Services         704.330.6433

·         Title IX Office                    704.330.6719

·         Care Team                         704.330.6659

·         College Security                704.330.6911